Using Crystals In The Home by Jenny Smedley

Article first published in Prediction Magazine, November 04 Issue. Published here with author’s permission.

Jenny Smedley

The dictionary definition of a crystal is — Form in which atoms and molecules regularly aggregate, with definite internal structure and external form of solid enclosed by a number of symmetrically arranged plane faces.

Crystals are used in calibration devices because of their ability to resonate uniformly, in the production of silicon chips, and galena, the crystal form of lead sulphide, was used in radio sets. Certain crystals have the ability to produce an electrical voltage when subjected to mechanical stress. This is known aspiezoelectricity. Science acknowledges that crystals are not mere lumps of rock, but complex arrangements of minerals, which have electrical and other, properties.

Nowadays our homes are polluted, energy-wise, by electrical devices, especially TVs, microwave ovens and computers and also central heating and air-conditioning. We need to cleanse the bad atmospheres and electrical fields that can build up in our environment.

Rose Quartz TheUniverse we live in responds to the same energy that it receives from us, and this energy flows like water. It constantly changes and shifts and it’s possible to manipulate this energy flow to change your own energetic vibrations. Crystals have the ability to store and transmit information in the form of energy patterns. In other words, they naturally speak the language of the Universe. Using them in your home can therefore enhance and correct the energy that flows through it, to and from the Universe, and help you create the environment you need in your home.

Crystals At Home

There are many different ways that crystals can be used in the home. One is to make crystal grids, using eight specially chosen crystals. They should be placed somewhere special. After you have selected the crystals that feel right to you, either just by feel, by their properties, or by the method shown in the box, pick the one that has the most male energy, and which feels the strongest to you. This will be your ‘master’, or charging crystal. Place this one at the top. Then place six of them in a circle, pointing inwards. The last crystal, which can be a double-terminated, cluster, pyramid, or crystal ball, goes in the centre of the circle. Play with the arrangement until it feels right.

Amethyst Ball ©JSWhen it comes to more detailed use of crystals in the home, start by considering what you keep there, and how it affects your daily wellbeing. These are just some items that crystals will have beneficial affects on. If you put a crystal grid near to these items they will ‘charge’ them with positive energy. This will take away the item’s negative aspects and fill it with fresh vitality.

Clothes:These are the nearest thing to your skin, and so many of our clothes nowadays are made of synthetic material, rather than silks, cottons and wool. These unnatural fabrics weaken your energy field.

Food:We really are what we eat, and sadly many foods of today are over-processed and full of bad energy.

Houseplants:Sick or weak plants will benefit from a drink of charged water. Try feeding one plant this way and using plain water for another and you will see the difference.

Your Car:We often spend many long hours in our car and yet completely ignore its energy field.

Beds:Your body sleeps to recharge itself, but often the bed retains old energy, which is stale and liable to make your more tired, rather than refresh you.

Pets:If your pet has a crystal in its cage or bed, you’ll find it will need far less visits to the vet.

CrystalsFor Each Room of Your Home

To do a thorough job on the energy of your home you need to carefully select crystals for each room.

Amazonite ©JSKitchen:As this room is often the heart of the home, it needs special attention and should be the first one you deal with. Recommendations would be Amethyst to encourage creativity in your culinary skills. Also Red Tiger Eye to aid digestion, and when placed on the window sill, this brown chalcedony quartz will bring vigour in with the light, so that even if you are tired after work, you will be serene and powerful in your food preparation.

Another excellent one for the food preparation areas is Blue Obsidian. This is said not only to aid digestion, but also to prevent infection. Blue Obsidian however, is not a natural crystal. It is said to have been man-made, its method of manufacture having been channelled from Atlantis, rather than the mineral growing, so if you are a purist, then you might not appreciate the energy from Blue Obsidian.

“A couple of years ago I channelled a new way for me to use crystals on the inside. I chose one special clear quartz crystal for the purpose. Now if I suffer from a headache or sickness of any kind, all I have to do is place my crystal on my crown chakra. I let the energy from the crystal pass right through my head and down my body, clearing everything down to a cellular level. Headaches and other symptoms just fade away.”Beverley Alldritt — Pathways, Taunton.

One of the best things to do with crystals in the kitchen is to prepare Elixirs. These are drinks made from crystal-charged water. Water itself in its pure form has the ability to accept energies and store them, and it can of course absorb energy from crystals. The easiest way to do this is to place a crystal in a glass of water and leave it in the sunlight. To gain the most benefit takes about 24 hours.

This is so that the crystal goes through a complete cycle of sun and moonlight. To make the Elixir into a tincture that will stay fresh for a time, you will need to add 50% brandy to the mix,but only after the crystal has done its work and been removed from the water.It’s best to use water that has been distilled, or drawn from a reverse-osmosis filter, so that the crystal’s energy isn’t contaminated by mineral deposits in the water.

The stones themselves must be chosen with care. Always use totally natural ones, such as clear Quartz or Amethyst. Stay away from Smoky Quartz for instance, which may have been dyed to enhance its colour. Only buy your crystals for the Elixir from reliable sources.

When you want to use the Tinctures, for re-energising or healing, put 5 to 10 drops into a glass of distilled water and drink it. This can also be used as a spray where healing is needed.

The kitchen is of course full of electrical devices, which produce positive ions, which are harmful to life. Salt crystal lamps and tea light holders (when lit) produce negative ions, and in this case, the ‘negative’ aspects are actually the ones that are good for our health, so keep lamps and tea lights alight as much as possible when you spend time in the kitchen.

One of the worst devices, energy-wise in the kitchen is the microwave oven. A quick test to see if your crystals are working properly is to stand in front of your microwave (with it running) with one arm outstretched (level with your shoulder, and pointing forwards). Have somebody use just two fingers to press downwards on your arm (at the wrist), while you try and resist. If you are subject to positive ions, you won’t be able to resist and your arm will drop. If however, your arm remains strong, you are safe.

Master Bedroom Grid ©JSMaster Bedroom:This is of course also a main room and often has relationship problems. This is where I would suggest putting one of the crystal grids. For the ‘master’ stone I have chosen Turqurenite, which is actually a dyed form of Howlite, the colour change slightly altering its properties towards encouraging passion. The centre stone, to me, should always be a Clear Quartz.

The other stones in my grid are Black Tourmaline for understanding, Howlite, to prevent insomnia, Citrine, so that even if you are alone, you won’t feel lonely, with two more Clear Quartz to make sure you are in tune, by mirroring each other, and Selenite, to ensure that your shared journeys, whether through the paths of passion or sleep, are harmonious and filled with spiritual awareness.

“I keep a display at home next to a water feature, because I find that crystals work better next to water. This grid works by cleansing the atmosphere of all negativity. I also put one in the pot of any houseplant that looks weak, and I use them in the garden for the same purpose. I put one in my car too, because it helps with fuel consumption. I believe that we don’t know everything about crystals yet, and we really should respectthem.”-Maureen Hirons.

Bathroom:You can really indulge your crystal comforts in the bathroom, and always remember that candlelight encourages and reflects the crystal’s energy around the room. To make the ultimate in relaxing baths, add to the water some rose oil, dried rose petals, a sprig of rosemary, some vanilla oil and a piece of rose quartz. Another good crystal in the bathroom is smoky quartz. If you place a piece in your washing or bath water, or attach it to the shower head, it will cleanse the water you use to cleanse your skin, of all negative energy that may be trapped in the water from its recycling.

Study/Office:Usually this is where the computer can be found, and with it all the polluted energy it produces. Trapped in our office we are cut off from the natural suppliers of negative ions, like the sun and wind, and are subject to the positive ions given off by our computer, so a crystal salt lamp can provide the answer. It’s also a good idea to keep several different crystals on top of your computer, cleansing and rotating them at regular intervals. Do the same test as with the microwave on your computer to see if your crystals need cleansing. You can also do this test with mobile phones. If your arm drops, then you need to tape a small quartz crystal to the back of your phone.

Howlitess ©JSChildrens’ Bedrooms:Children are often plagued by nightmares or fears in the night. To help with this you can give them a set of crystals to arrange in their own grid each night, depending on what’s troubling them. They will feel happy that they are protected by it. It’s also nice to hang a faceted piece of rainbow quartz in their window, so that with the morning light they will be bathed in rainbow colours. A salt lamp would be very good in here too if the children have any electrical toys or computers in their room.

Dining Room:The key to wonderful meals that really feed and nourish you is good digestion. So in the dining room it’s a good idea to place crystals such as Red Tiger Eye for digestion, Blue Lace Agate for calmness, as this will aid digestion, and some Lapis Lazuli and Blue Topaz, to ensure delightful conversation over dinner. These crystals can be placed around tea lights, so that they provide a focal point and a gentle ambient atmosphere.

Living Room:This room will probably take the brunt of all family discussions and disagreements. It will also be subject to the very negative electrical energy of the TV set, and these things need to be countered. Rhodonite will help with family discussions and help the family members treat each other with patience. Place a piece of Rhodenite at each corner of the room, so that all points of the compass are covered. Turquoise will help disburse the TV’s negative input, and a piece of rose quartz (regularly cleansed) will help prevent headaches, which might be induced by the TV without it.

Lapis ©JSMeditation Room:If you are lucky enough to have this personal space you can enhance its properties with many different crystals. This is the place to really indulge yourself, allowing your inner self to choose the right crystals. You won’t go far wrong if you pick the ones that appeal to you visually. One of the best stones for this is fluorite. Because of its colour variations and compressed colour bands it’s very easy to get totally lost in one.

There is nothing so effective at removing your thoughts from everyday, mundane problems than gazing into the peaks, valleys, planets and miniature eco-systems that can be seen inside a good piece of fluorite. In addition to this, if you choose one shaped into a pyramid, you will also have the qualities associated with that magical shape. This is also the room to have the ultimate gazing crystal, a crystal ball. Best of all are the ones with flaws inside them which provide planes, which create sheets of rainbows.

Garden:The right sort of sanctuary in the garden can become a haven of tranquillity. Unfortunately, if you have a city garden, the chances are it will be full of positive ions, which are produced by pollution. Pollution also reduces the production of negative ions, which we get from sunlight, wind and clean rain. So if you are going to spend some quiet time in your garden sanctuary, light some salt crystal tea lights around you, or bury a crystal grid beneath your seating area.

How To Choose Your Crystal

The answer is you don’t. Quite honestly what usually happens is that the crystal chooses you. At the very least it’s a mutual decision. Walk into the shop and look around. Don’t rush, and just let your intuition manifest itself. You’ll find that your eye is drawn to one or several stones. It’s almost as if they call to you. Bear in mind that many people may have handled the stones, and so you need this visual and mental check before you start trying to judge them by picking them up.

Once you have felt the pull, that’s the time to start holding the crystals in your hands. Take two at a time, one for each hand and close your eyes, feeling the difference between them. You will almost certainly feel a preference. It may be a tingling sensation in the palm of your hand with one, or heat, or coldness. Choose whichever one feels comfortable, no matter what the particular sensation. For some people hot is right, for others, cold.

Once you have followed this process of elimination to the point where you are just left with the number of crystals you want, take another moment to lay them out and pass your dominant hand slowly over them. Let your intuition check that they are all right for you.

Fluorite ©JSSometimes though, it’s necessary to give a crystal the ‘benefit of the doubt’. Any slight wrong feelings can be due to other people who have held the stone leaving their vibrations with it. With a good cleansing it will probably be fine.Buying online is not something I’d really recommend, but if that’s your only choice, make sure you tune in to your higher self and take your time over your selection.

I feel that natural shaped crystals are the best, and that carving the crystal can change its dynamics. The exceptions are shapes such as pyramids, because this shape has magical qualities of its own which can enhance those of the crystal. Tumble stones are a cheaper alternative to fully-formed crystalline shapes.

Once you have acquired your crystals, they will need to be cleansed. This is to remove any negative energy they might have picked up on their journey to you. You will also need to cleanse your crystals anyway at regular intervals, especially the ones that are used around electrical devices.

How To Cleanse Your Crystal

It’s important to cleanse your crystals regularly as they are constantly sponging up the pollution that surrounds us, especially those used to protect us from electrical interference. There are several ways to do this. If your stones are not water-soluble, simply rinsing under running water should cleanse any dirt and fingerprints off of them. But you must also cleanse them of emotional imbalances they might pick up from you, as well as periodically restoring their energy equilibrium. They can do this for themselves given time, but if we use them constantly, they don’t have the chance to do it.


For this method you must only use sea salt, which of course is itself a crystal form. Take a bowl of sea salt and bury your stone in it for about 24 hours and then wipe it carefully, discarding the salt, which will have absorbed the crystal’s imbalances.

SMUDGING METHOD Using smudging sticks such as frankincense, sandalwood, sage or cedar, hold your crystal in the smoke of the herb for purification. Keep going until you sense the negativity rising away with the smoke.


After rinsing your stones in mineral water, leave them on a window-ledge where they will receive a 24 hour cycle of sun and moon energy. This will work even better if you can place them inside a pyramid shape, which can be simply made from cardboard.


You can use a Tibetan singing bowl, bell, or gong, to rebalance your crystals, which because of their wonderful resonating properties are ideal to interact with sound.


Place your stone on a clean, unused quartz or amethyst crystal cluster for 24 hours to cleanse, balance and re-charge it.

These are some of the crystals more commonly used in the home to assist with specific problems.

Amazonite:Helps the mind remain calm during stress, which enables you to use your intuition while also being practical.

Amber:Assists recovery from depression. Attracts happiness and happy people to you.

Amethyst:Absorbs and transmutes negativity. Soothes nightmares and aids creativity.

Ametrine:A mixture of amethyst and citrine, this helps combine the physical world with the spiritual

Aventurine:Calms tempers and brings balance to the family.

Azurite:Helps to change negative patterns, such as arguments caused by resentment.

Bloodstone:Stops people feeling threatened and makes them feel as if they have a protective mantle.

Blue Lace Agate:Allows self-expression without aggression.

Blue Obsidian:Balances the digestive system and clears toxins, preventing infection.

Blue Topaz:Gives people the ability to communicate and encourages creativity.

Carnelian:Assists in decision-making, especially when in an arbitrary role.

Celestite:Encourages peace and serenity.

Chrysocolla:Gives self-confidence in personal expression. Brings harmony and peace to a grieving heart.

Chrysoprase:This will help when moving home as it brings success to new enterprises.

Citrine:Known as the ‘cuddle stone’, this will give you a feeling of having company even if you are lonely.

Clear Quartz:This crystal amplifies and transforms energy. It is a very powerful tool, but must be used correctly, as it can also mirror the energy already present.

Fluorite:Relieves anxiety and worry, and helps to change outdated thought patterns.

Garnet:Helps you to be persistent when striving to reach a goal. Shows you your innermost and true self.

Quartz Multiples ©JS

Hematite:Gives self-esteem, while keeping your feet on the ground.

Howlite:Very useful for helping insomnia.

Jasper:Re-connects you to your spiritual self in times of worldly matters.

Kyanite:Emotionally calming and strengthening.

Labradorite/spectrolite:Nurtures psychic ability. Helps you to ‘see’ more clearly.

Lapis Lazuli:Reveals inner truth and encourages meaningful communion.

Malachite:Balances right and left brain, whilst enabling creativity and change.

Moonstone:Restores emotional balance, especially to those who find expressing their emotions difficult.

Peridot:Helps to disperse tension, especially when feelings have been hurt.

Rhodonite:Enables patience and harmony with your family, while giving you enough assertiveness to help you stand your ground.

Rose Quartz:Brings self-love, heals emotional wounds; helps overcome grief of any kind.

Rutilated Quartz:If you feel personal power has been used against you, this will help restore your self-esteem, and make home somewhere you feel safe.

Selenite:Helps you to feel connected with the Universe and all who inhabit it. Gives mental insight, clarity and awareness.

Sodalite:Brings clarity to the mind. Stops over-sensitivity.

Sugilite:Brings out your own inner power and light and removes resentment and guilt.

Smoky Quartz:Washes away negative beliefs and emotions, including those brought about by electricitymagnetic fields.

Tiger’s Eye:Helps digestion and also encourages creativity. Helps us make our dreams come true.

Tourmaline:Repels negativity, whether from inside or outside the home. Provides a protective barrier.

Turquoise:Makes decisions clearer as you see what you really need as opposed to what you think you want.

Turqurenite:Reduces pain, and in a healthy person, brings passion and vitality.

Unakite:Useful with sickness, as it helps you understand the true root of the problem, rather than just dealing with the symptoms.

> Jenny Smedley had her life completely changed and enhanced by remembering her previous one. She has written two books about past lives, and has recorded a past life meditation CD, to help others change their lives as she did.

by Jenny Smedley
A successful TV presenter, Silver Disc songwriter and free lance writer. Jenny Smedley is also an expert on past lives and the way they affect current life problems - from careers to relationships and from health to happiness. She writes a regular past life advice column in the very popular magazine, Chat it's fate. She’s also written the soundtrack for the upcoming TV movie of her book, Ripples. (The movie version will be called Souls Don’t Lie).