2011 – Dynamic Transition Through Kindness by Triza Schultz

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Welcome to a dynamic potential the Universe is presenting — all wrapped up in the new year of 2011! I’m particularly excited about this year because the energy that is the foundation of 2011 holds the ability to give us the power to creatively express balance within ourselves that can manifest in all physical aspects of our lives. We are being given a spiritual B-12 injection to shift our awareness and transform ourselves through all manner of inventive efforts. The number eleven symbolizes spiritual transition. It represents illumination, visionary, artistic, love, joy, teacher, mystical, and sensitivity. It’s considered a master spiritual number, higher order of the number two, which represents strive for balance. Eleven also doubles the symbolism of the number one (10+1) which represents new beginnings. What we end up with is a highly sensitive octave for activating transition, and deepening our channel into the higher realms of consciousness to bring those visions and creative endeavors down into the physical world. In a word…wow. Let’s explore what this can mean in our day to day lives through the filter of kindness. We’re going to take inventory of the four aspects of the Self – (physical, mental emotional, spiritual) — to determine where we see ourselves in life right now, as far as creating kindness through self-love and self-nurturing. On a scale from one to three, we’ll determine where we feel we are in or out of dynamic balance and harmony. Before we begin, it’s important to understand that being in balance doesn’t mean a constant state of eternal bliss. Yet when we feel at one within ourselves and the world we live in, a natural state of acceptance and happiness or contentment must occur as the result. The rewards are priceless. It takes a commitment and an effort to create meaningful purpose – our heart’s desire — that eventually will become almost effortless. There are times of struggle, where we’re challenged from both inside and outside forces. Within those times, we must define where our balancing point is in that moment. Life happens, such as death of a loved one, relationship challenges, an illness, and financial challenges with school and work. But HOW we maneuver through life’s ups and downs rests wholly on our balancing point of kindness to ourselves and others. Use the scale below to rate the four aspects of the Self to complete the inventory. Some of my best resources are added below each aspect group to help utilize the supportive energy of 2011. Rating Scale: 1-3 1= Out of balance — Unkind — Lack of self love/confidence; unaware of the power of choice; apathy 2= In and out of balance — See-saw kindness — Indecisive; lack of inner strength and discipline 3= Balance — Kindness — Self-love; engaged; consciously committed to creating heart’s desire

Four Aspects of Self

Physical Body

Our physical body includes the happy weight range for our own body type. Seek out local parks and recreation center activities and facilities. Enroll in a dance class or cooking class! Heal those food and environmental allergies naturally. Limit TV and computer use. Rate: Nutrition (healthy food choices; food preparation; eating) Exercise (minimum 20v minutes 5 days/week) Rest (quiet time alone; sleep)v Play (fun — alonev or with friends and family — do not include TV) Medical needs /routinev maintenance (medical/dental, etc — 6 mo -1 year checkups) Resources: www.longevityhealthcare.com (holistic website/practice – California – subscribe to newsletter) > www.mothering.com (holistic magazine for parents) www.drweil.com (holistic on-line — subscribe to newsletter) www.foodnetwork.com (Healthy Eating page — ideas and recipes) www.myss.com — “Personal Healing” by Carolyn Myss —facing a health crisis — Sounds True CD

Mental Body

These are all stimulating, creative endeavors where we continue learning and should include using our talents, gifts, and abilities — our heart’s desire. We also do some types of work that help lead us to our heart’s desire — those jobs to help pay for school, jobs in between finding the one we desire, etc. Seek out local libraries, museums, art or music classes, and clubs. There is so much to see and learn! Rate: Work (wherever we are now — whatever we are striving for) School (all types —v on-line correspondence, etc., if applicable) Hobbies (stimulates thev imagination, relaxation, challenges the intellect) Reading (stimulates thev imagination, relaxation, challenges the intellect) Resources: www.smithsonianmag.com (history/archeology, arts/culture, science/nature, people/places) www.metmuseum.org (fine art, art history) http://discovermagazine.com (technology, physics/math, environment, mind/brain)

“Three Levels of Power” by Carolyn Myss — tribal, individual, symbolic” — Sounds True CD

“The Creative Fire” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD — myths/stories on creativity” — Sounds True CD

Emotional Body

Our emotions are connected to our mental body — how we use our brain and intelligence. But the emotional body measures the intensity of how and what we think at any given moment. It’s our barometer for how we view our relationships, including the relationship we have with ourselves, and all the experiences we create and encounter on life’s journey. Our ego is the combined feeling, thinking aspect of ourselves — the “I” that distinguishes itself from the selves of others. The ego doesn’t always see things the way they really are, sometimes filtering life through the lens of past experience. We can become emotionally present and vibrantly alive! Rate: Feelings about ourself (describe — who and what are we?) Feelings about family (relatives) Feelings about intimate relationship/partner (if in one) Feelings about friends (include co-workers and classmates) The Fear Standard: A Guide and Personal Journey to Regain Our Intuitive Spirit by Triza Schultz Resources: www.healingtrauma.com Peter A. Levine, PhD — healing trauma (includes PTSD) — books/CD’s www.eckharttolle.com — “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle — book/CD “The Radiant Coat” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD — myths/stories on life/ death — Sounds True CD “The Faithful Gardener” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD — tale about that which can never die – CD “The Fear Standard” by Triza Schultz — types of fear and healing process — book

Spiritual Body

We are spiritual beings having a human physical experience on 3rd dimension earth. A spiritual approach to life helps us balance out who we really are, use our inner resources of intuition, power of discernment beyond judgment, and high sense of moral values and integrity to navigate through life with compassion and respect for all living things. We recognize everything is related and connected. A strong spiritual base lifts us and guides us through the best and worst life can offer. People connected strongly with their spiritual selves and inner resources are not afraid of living or dying. (This does not refer to religious dogmas that instill fear) Rate: Meditation (quiet time; practice listening/observing in silence without interference) Prayer and contemplation (talking and listening to the Divine; commune with Nature) Spiritual community (join others in spiritual celebration/ritual; prayer; music, etc.) Ritual (light candles; affirmations; create a specialv alter; express gratitude/thankful, etc) Resources: www.eckharttolle.com “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle — awakening your life’s purpose — book/CD’s “The Red Shoes” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD — torment/recovery of soul life — Sounds True CD www.myss.com “Anatomy of the Spirit” by Carolyn Myss — Book or CD “Three Levels of Power” by Carolyn Myss — tribal, individual, symbolic — Sounds True CD www.sonaichoquette.com “The Psychic Pathway” by Sonia Choquette — book/CD What aspect of the Self is calling out for radical kindness? How do we envision ourselves taking advantage of the spiritual push of 2011 to creatively transform our lives, invoking the changes we truly desire in our heart of hearts? The Universe is helping. Now is the time. Engage! Affirmation for this month — Kindness I am gentle to myself and to all I share my life with on Mother Earth. I freely give compassion to all whose paths will meet with my path, today. Live in beauty and be well – Triza Schultz

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by Triza Schultz
"I ended a 26 year corporate HR consulting career in 1997 to follow my path as a spiritual guide, writer, and artist. During that transition, I published my book, “The Fear Standard — A Guide And Personal Journey to Regain Our Intuitive Spirit.” In 2005, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. I view this challenge as a gift and the medium from which deeply emotional, spiritual, and physical healings and insights are distilled. I realized that the greatest pain one can endure is also the point of departure to the greatest love. Fear in all its many facets is truly a spiritual matter - and love has the final word."