2012 — An Opportunity for a Better Life by Eliza Mada Dalian

Eliza Mada DalianConsciousness has been evolving on this planet for millions of years. The energy vibrations that were sustainable on a physical plane have now become obsolete. Existence has waited for billions of years for us to finally evolve to a point where we can create a new life on this planet that will be based on each person’s innate ability to live with love, honesty and courage. Instead of living with our old ego-centered fearful and competitive programming, the global shift in 2012 will bring us many opportunities to create a better life on this planet. Mother Nature knows that it’s now time to destroy the old outdated structures, and she will help us create a new and a better foundation so everyone can live in joy and abundance.

As the polar axis of the earth shifts to its new position in 2012, a powerful energy wave will be freed to help humanity enter into a higher vibration of existence. Like an earthquake that causes the surface of the planet to quiver, the final shift in polar axis will cause massive destruction on physical, mental, and emotional planes for everyone around the globe. The weather of the North and the South will reverse, and the imbalance of power and wealth will no longer be able to sustain itself.

2012 will expose our unconscious darkness on a massive scale. Those who are after their own selfish interests will become more and more visible and more and more miserable. But those who have been working hard to purify themselves and find their true being will find true happiness and joy, which is within their own heart and consciousness.

Disconnecting from the Past

A significant number of humans are already beginning to recognize that no one can ever be separate from the Universe. Many are becoming aware that their innate state of religiosity is independent of the organized religious beliefs and conditionings. We have created multiple concepts of God out of our fear of the unknown and we have learned to control life instead of celebrate its abundant blessings. Our man-made concepts about the many different Gods have created much pain and suffering for the whole of humanity and have brought us to a point of self-destruction. Our survival is now dependent on surrendering our different ideas of God and our unification as cosmic beings belonging to one earth and one universe.

Those who gather the courage to surrender their ego-mind will heal into consciousness and be the torchbearers for this new cycle of human evolution. The new beginning will give birth to a new man and a new woman who will follow their own intelligence and inner knowing, and will be true to their own heart.

Living with New Consciousness

The Universe evolves and expands as we transform our individual unconscious energy into consciousness. In order to transform our collective energy, each person needs to take full responsibility for his or her own transformation into consciousness and start functioning from higher energy centers (chakras). 2012 will awaken us out of our collective sleep and give us an opportunity to surrender our attachments to our fears, conditionings and old belief systems. Destruction of the old structures will help us purify our first three chakras, and propel us collectively into the fourth chakra where we will begin to function through our heart. In the higher chakras, fear of survival, competitiveness, and the sense of separation will be transformed into love, compassion, and awareness of our being.

As we move towards Universal Consciousness, we will remember our true nature and recognize that our being never dies. With awareness of our eternal and indestructible presence, our fears will disappear and no one will be able to control and manipulate us. We will be happy to take risks and live in the present instead of dwelling on the past or escaping into the future, and we will stop suffering.

2012 will allow those who have the best intentions at heart to set the new standards of social living. Their light will shine brightly, paving the way for many others to transit between the old and the new. No harm will come to those who are conscious, as their consciousness alone will protect them.

The best thing we can do to prepare ourselves for 2012 is to purify our energy and consciousness, so we can move into the vibration of joy and celebration. Through joy and celebration of life we’ll be able to surf the massive wave of global and cosmic change as we move into the New Era of Universal Consciousness.

Seven Things you can do to Prepare for 2012

1) Ask yourself Who am I? and Why am I Here? Examine your attitude towards life and death and search for your eternal being.

2) Surrender your personal will to the Will of Existence and whatever life brings you moment to moment.

3) Make a list of your fears and allow yourself to act in spite of them. Don’t be afraid to be different.

4) Understand and break through your social and religious conditionings. Search within to find your own answers instead of relying on other people’s opinions of what is right for you.

5) Look for the lessons you need to learn in every situation in spite of the ups and downs of life.

6) Be honest with yourself and others and take full responsibility for your thoughts and emotions.

7) Live each day as if it’s your last, and trust that existence always takes care of you.

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by Eliza Mada Dalian
Eliza MADA Dalian is a multi award-winning author of In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness (six awards). She is a spiritual guide, mystic, and the founder of an evolutionary new healing method — DHM (Dalian Healing Method) — the 21st Century light-speed method for transformation of pain, fear, depression, and illness into health and self-empowered consciousness. Mada travels internationally offering private sessions, workshops, self-healing seminars, and retreats to individual, children, and organizations. www.madadalian.com.