Merlian News March 2017 Newsletter

Dear Readers,

This year promises to be an exciting one with new research and developments coming through almost daily in the fields of consciousness, science, spirituality, nutrition, activism, the environment, and more. We look forward to presenting our readers with up to date news and information, and we thank you for your support.

This Month’s Recommended Merlian News Articles:

Merryn’s Musings

A Guide to All Things Metaphysical

People ask me all the time for a list of resources for various metaphysical topics, books, book stores, and societies.  I’ve put together a list of them that I share on my website,, but I thought I would offer them to my readers here. This list is dedicated to Alissandra, in aid of her spiritual journey.
Liminal Moments by Cheryl Shainmark
Anchoring the Reality That We Want

We’ve all experienced this phenomenon before: you’ve never heard of a particular item, idea, or person and then once you do you find it popping up all over the place. It’s as if the whole world (or at least everybody you know on Facebook), all got the same buzz at the same time. Of course, we all know that someone had to be “the first” — the first to think that thought, invent that item, do the research, say or do or discover something new — and that everybody else caught on later.

Wellbeing & Healing
Interview with Annette Muller, Energy Healer & Founder of Villa San Esprit

In the field of energy healing, Annette Muller is a name to remember. As the founder of Villa San Esprit, the first and only stationary hospital for energy healing in Germany, and the affiliated school for energy healing, École San Esprit, Annette has worked tirelessly to increase the awareness of energy healing methods that are able to provide benefits for everyone. Recently she was kind enough to answer some of our questions about her life and her work.

The Cosmic Hologram by Jude Currivan, Ph.D.

The Cosmic Hologram – Information at the Center of Creation is that rare creature, in that it is a wonderful addition to the fields of science, consciousness, and spirituality. With her thoughtful and elegantly written prose, Jude Currivan has done a remarkable job of illuminating the most cutting edge research in physics and our understanding of the nature of reality. Her thesis, that information is at the center of creation and more fundamental than matter, energy, space or time, is rendered in easy to understand terms and backed up by the data she presents.

Dandelions May Help Beat Cancer

Dandelion, both leaves and roots, whether grown wild or cultivated, is full of medicinal benefits. The greens can be chopped into salad, cooked like spinach, or added to juicing, while the root form can be used to make an infusion/tea or extract.  Pamela Ovadje, a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Windsor, has done extensive work in investigating the anti-cancer properties of dandelions and other natural extracts. She found that an extract of dandelions can cause apoptosis, or cell death, among cancerous cells while not harming the healthy ones.

Website of the Month

Jon Bon Jovi’s Soul Foundation Pays it Forward

Singer-songwriter Jon Bon Jovi has been helping those in need for several years. Along with his wife, Dorothea, he has used his celebrity status to give back to the community in concrete ways. As reported on CNN, “Behind the music, Grammy award-winning entertainer Jon Bon Jovi is on a mission to feed and empower those in need. His strategy is simple: ‘One soul at a time.’ With his nonprofit Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, based in Philadelphia, the artist is fighting poverty with direct action.”


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Merryn Jose – Editor In Chief & Publisher
Cheryl Shainmark – Senior Editor