A.R.E. Headquarters: Virgina Beach, VA

Photograph by Dena VentrudoWith an international headquarters in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the A.R.E. community is a global network of individuals who offer conferences, educational activities, and fellowship around the world. More than 300 books have been written about Cayce’s life and work, resulting in “Edgar Cayce Centers” in twenty-five countries, and members in more than 60 countries.

For more information visit: www.edgarcayce.org

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The Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc. (A.R.E. ®), is a not-for-profit organization, founded in 1931 by Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), to research and explore transpersonal subjects such as holistic health, ancient mysteries, personal spirituality, dreams and dream interpretation, intuition, and philosophy and reincarnation.