A Statement on Self-Help Jin Shin Jyutsu® by Mitzi & Don Adams

Mitzi AdamsIt is very important to know that the healing process can be a slow one and to have the utmost of patience when dealing with your recovery. How long did it take for you to accumulate all these disharmonies? In most cases, our clients respond by saying, months, or even years. Well, if that is the case, why place fast expectations on your recovery, when it took so long to accumulate all that you have? Unloading illness, or disease, is like a long spring cleaning. You can’t expect to clean your whole house overnight.

We have clients who are chronically ill and expect miracles after one session. We give them Self-Help Jin Shin Jyutsu to do and tell them that their homework is part of the process of healing. We’re not “fixing” you. We are moving energy with Jin Shin Jyutsu. All disease and disharmony is stagnant energy. When the pond is stagnant, how can life grow? We, too, have to cleanse and oxygenate our bodies for our cells to renew. Overnight healing is rarely a scenario we see in those with chronic pain or illness. These people often have developed attitudes that dictate where they remain in their illness. Thoughts are very powerful. If they think themselves as unwell all the time with no possibility of hope, their process of healing could possibly take longer.

Rusty, corroded pipes need attention so that the clean water running through them does not get contaminated. Our bodies have a unique set of energy pathways, likened to road maps, or a system of pipes. Energy needs to flow through them smoothly, without interruption. When we are burdened by stress, illness, or injury, we can better believe that this system is not allowing for a free flow of energy; thus, slowing down the process of healing. As an individual works on themselves using Jin Shin Jyutsu, energy begins to move and helps to restore balance to the pattern on which they are working, or simply the depth, or density of energy in the body, on which they are working.

Don AdamsFor example, if you are holding your index finger, you are helping the fourth depth, or a density in the body associated with fear and the kidneys and bladder function energies. The fourth depth has to do with movement in the body and in life… think of the free flow of water. When open, the fourth depth can also help our immune system. Self-help can be as easy as holding a finger, doing a one-step quickie, or an entire flow, including several steps. Any choice made in Self-Help can be beneficial. It is the time one puts into practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu that makes a difference. Daily practice is essential for seeing results. Up to one hour a day is optimal, either in one sitting, or split up in various intervals during the day (i.e., two half-hour sessions). Less time can be given, but allow the hour to add up in your day. It’s important to know that its effects are cumulative.

Work on yourself as much as possible, wherever you are, whenever you can. If you can carve out some quality time, even better. If you hold the steps in a flow for around three minutes, that should be sufficient to move energy. Up to twenty minutes on a complete flow, or on a one-step flow, or finger hold, can be very dynamic. Yes, you can hold your fingers for less than twenty minutes, but if you have an issue related to, say, an attitude, and you know the related finger (see chart below), hold that finger for twenty minutes, while watching TV, or while on a bus or train, for example, then switch to another finger; or, simply hold your finger in a class you may be attending. You can always select quiet time in your day to simply meditate using the flows, quickies, or fingers, as part of your routine. Perform Self-Help anywhere, anytime! The only time Jin Shin Jyutsu doesn’t work is when you’re not doing it!

Be your own testimony and reflect frequently on the changes you feel. After some time, you can be sure that what you originally felt as a symptom or sticky attitude, will have transformed. Be at peace and practice, not till perfect, but until you unload perfectionism and until you feel the harmony!


Mitzi & Don Adams



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Jin Shin Jyutsu, likened to acupuncture without the needles, is an ancient Japanese healing art that harmonizes mind, body and spirit while reducing the daily tension and stress that accumulate through normal living. This gentle, hands-on method utilizes 26 “safety energy locks” along the body’s main energy pathways to remove blockages or stagnation in our energy flow.


by Mitzi & Don Adams
*Mitzi Adams was first introduced to Jin Shin Jyutsu® in 1986 when she started her graduate studies in dance in Arizona. She has studied the art for 22 years and has established practices in New York City and Connecticut. Her love and devotion to Jin Shin Jyutsu are witnesses through her teachings, inspiring all those drawn to this profound art. *Don Adams is an accomplished actor, comedian, a former tennis professional, and wearer of LOUD SHIRTS. He was first introduced to Jin Shin Jyutsu® by his wife, Mitzi. He has studied and has a special interest in treating children with autism and ADD/ADHD. He also has a practice in Pastoral Counseling. Through his charismatic style, Don translates this art with ease, knowledge, and wit, helping to transform the lives of many.