In Memory of Maureen Treanor

Maureen Treanor was born in a small village called Carrickmacross in Southern Ireland. She was the recipient of a legacy handed down from generation to generation. It was the gift of clairvoyance.After the early death of her mother, she left Ireland and made a new life for herself in England. She married and raised a family and the legacy was passed on to her only daughter Merryn. Maureen became known to the public during the early 1960’s when she and her daughter became consultants to Ronan O’Rahilly the founder of the first pirate broadcasting station, Radio Caroline. This led to her becoming the resident psychic at the Kensington Market in London, where she worked for nearly two decades. As her reputation grew she was invited to give readings in many countries including Germany, France, Holland and America, which in the last decade of her life became her second home. People from all walks of life came to her for advice.

Not only was she a seer of past and future, she was also a medical intuitive, and could forsee disease long before it manifested in the physical body. Maureen was able to consciously function in several dimensions simultaneously.These gifts coupled with an open heart and a unique sense of humour endeared her to everyone who met her. She was humble and unassuming and was known for her quiet words of wisdom. Maureen gave readings up until a few months before her passing. At the time of her death, on August 3, 2002, she was at home in New York with her family by her bedside. Maureen Treanor was a wonderful mother and role model, and a dear friend to many. She will be sadly missed.

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