Angelic Sound Healing & The Alchemy of Voice

Angelic Sound Healing & The Alchemy of Voice During March 2013 the renowned Sound Healer and Master of Voice Stewart Pearce will be visiting New York, New Jersey and Connecticut for a series of TALKS & WORKSHOPS about a unique and highly inspirational form of sound healing.

During the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, Stewart met a communion of twelve light beings known as the Angels of Atlantis. These powerful Archangels requested he create a Temple of Sound Healing, to contribute to the human potential movement over the course of the forthcoming twenty-five years; effectively until December 2012. This Stewart has done, drawing together a temple of souls – a group of devoted people who dwell all over the Globe, allowing their spiritual practice to be largely substantiated by THE ALCHEMY OF VOICE. This communion meets through chant, sending resonant fields of love and joy throughout the ether of the planet — and now Stewart brings this powerful healing to the USA on:

NYC — TALK on March 7th and WORKSHOPS on March 9 &10th

NJ — TALK on March 15th and WORKSHOPS on March 16 &17th

CT — TALK on March 22nd and WORKSHOPS on March 23rd & 24th

At the center of the work is the belief that sound is at the core of creation, and that we each have a unique signature note, the song of our soul. However, as a consequence of disharmony created by negative belief systems, toxic behavior, and social pollution, most of us do not sound that note, but rather communicate through a cerebral mask.

The work of the Temple lifts the voice mask, with the intelligence and compassion of the heart, and as a healing process was first enchanted in Atlantis and Egypt, where Priests helped to tune the personality of voice with the breath of soul . Sound creates harmonic flow throughout the Chakras, the vibrations of which powerfully activate the cells of our physique, so that the sound as ‘word’ is made flesh, full of grace and truth.

T ransmutation was the chief function of these Temples of Initiation, and as portals between Earth and the Cosmos were highly specialized in Alchemy — a spiritual philosophy that turns the mundane pollutions of the physical and emotional body into the divine attributions of spiritual ascension. Alchemy is the elixir by which our whole being may be transformed, particularly with regard to the reintegration of our fears into the enlightened love of Cosmic Spirit.

Walt Whitman once said: “There is no index of character, or soul, so sure as the voice.” You see within the center of our voice lies our divine blueprint, and the mystery of universal truth. This is a sound that resonates the song of our soul, measured by our life’s breath, producing a signature note that reflects the ‘golden mean’ of our physical geometry, and in ancient times was known as PERSONA. This is the great I AM PRESENCE and the great OM combined!

The work of chant magnetically draws in the presence of the Angels of Atlantis, as a communion of twelve light beings (some of whom we know well as Gabriel Michael, Raphael and Uriel), that Stewart sees as Orbs of great love, wisdom, truth and power. Angels love for the sake of love, and so the melody of their plasma consciousness, joins with the chant of we humans drawing all together into a field of amazing light filled love and authenticity.

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Stewart Pearce is a world renowned Master of Voice and Sound Healer with a career spanning over three decades, enhancing the presentations of people like Vanessa Redgrave, Diana Princess of Wales, Mark Rylance, Simon Callow and the LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC BID, to name just a few. Stewart was Head of Voice at the Webber Douglas Academy from 1980-1997, and Master of Voice at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre from 1997-2008.

Stewart has published: THE ALCHEMY OF VOICE, THE HEART’S NOTE, and THE ANGELS OF ATLANTIS — both Book and Oracle — alongside many CD’s

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