Ask Li Chen: Channeled Answers to Your Spiritual Questions by Jocelyn Graef

Q: Li Chen, can you help to resolve the emotions of anger and grief peacefully?

A: Dear One, painful emotions are always difficult. This does not mean it is necessary always to resolve them peacefully. This may be a surprising response, so let us look at these two powerful emotions.

Grief is an expression of loss of those who are beloved. It is an expression of honor in this sense. The passing of someone who has been important to you can be a sustained grief — there are many religions who suggest that a period of time be set aside to allow for grieving. This is a wise understanding of how the human heart processes deep emotion. It is not the same for everyone, but a wise guideline.

Grief takes the time it takes, different for each one to find their fulcrum point between loss, sorrow and learning to live again with an empty place within, once inhabited by a beloved. That place will always be inhabited by that dear one, the emptiness filled with the gifts of love received from them and all the memories they have bestowed.

Experiencing grief as a response to a larger event, such as war, is quite the same thing in a larger picture. A love of humanity, of life; a terrible sorrow for those afflicted with fear and suffering. An empathetic response to the pain of your fellows. In this larger regard, we encourage that prayers are sent to lend strength and love to those suffering, those having transitioned, and the fear experienced by all involved.

Such great trauma is experienced in wars of all sorts that the very ground resonates with the screams and terror for many, many generations. In order for peace to be fully restored after a war, the ground must be consecrated, made sacred once again for peace to emanate from it as is its nature. As a building holds the energy of the people who have been there, so too does the bit of earth you act out your lessons on.

Anger is a very different emotion, often serving as fuel to move forward, or away from something that does not serve your path or your highest good. We are not speaking here of the anger that is born of impatience or short temper. Those are aspects of attention and personality that require acknowledgment and care.

We are speaking of the kind of anger that fuels change, that draws boundaries, that inspires action. This is an anger that sustains action. Often righteous and in response to deep wrongs against an individual or a group, this sort of anger can change the shape of society or your own path.

This is the sort of anger that serves your growth and is your guide. Use it. Express it appropriately and let it show you the way forward into right action.

Seek peace and allow your anger to show you the path toward that peace. It serves to heal. This is a marvelous aspect of this sort of sustained anger.

We give you our blessings, as ever and always.

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