Ask Li Chen: Does the Soul Enter the Body at Conception?

Q: Li Chen, does a soul enter the body at the instant of conception, and is it the same for everyone?

A: A very deep and thoughtful question, Dear One. Each soul chooses its own time to enter the new body. It is different for everyone. Speaking purely on the factual aspects, a soul will rarely enter a body at the time of conception, but generally wait until later in the pregnancy up to several months after the child is born. Most commonly, the soul attaches to the body in the last few months of pregnancy.

There are some who become pregnant directly because of a soul agreement to bring another into the physical, and the soul can be urging the woman toward this reality. Others become pregnant due to biological laws only and eventually a soul will find its way to the little body. On occasion, there may be difficulty with the physical body and this is a child who will be stillborn or simply not be able to live long after its birth because there has not been a purpose for a soul to inhabit this little body that cannot live.

There is always a greater story around each experience and individual process. Nearly always there has been relationship in previous lives, for it is through relationship that we learn who we truly are as aspects of God or Universe or Essence, or however else you understand the greater that is beyond the physical realms.

Let us take a specific situation.

A woman becomes pregnant. She is filled with dreams of this eager soul who would inhabit this body. She feels the very strong desire from this spirit. Yet, her life — emotionally, physically and financially — is not in a condition to welcome a child. She promises the spirit that she will honor this relationship at another point in her life, but she would not be a good mother at this time. She has an abortion and feels free. Some years later, she welcomes the child into her womb and her life and her arms and the karma is complete. Obviously, this woman is quite intuitive and has understood many things about free will, which is always the choice to say “no” without incurring karma. The only karma here was the soul vow these two had made before even the mother had come into body. When this vow was fulfilled was up to each of them.

Free will is always operating and always honored. Abortion is not a killing of life, but a choosing not to be a host. How can a life be killed when the spirit has not entered the body? It takes time for a soul to become deeply enmeshed with a physical body. Years. There is no harm to the soul if the pregnancy is terminated, even if that soul has already entered the body, though this is rare.

Dearest Ones, the souls know when things are amiss — either with the emotions and thoughts of the mother or with the physical body itself. What is always to be honored first and foremost is the health and the desire of the mother, for she is the sacred vessel and must be properly prepared for readiness for this magnificent event.

There is a great deal more to be said on this large subject, but we have already spoken too long for this small space. We only wish to help you to understand that life goes on. And on and on. There is no death, only a changing out of bodies until that time you “graduate” and come and join us where we are. We give you our many blessings as ever and always.

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