Book Review of Dreaming the Soul Back Home

Anything by Robert Moss is always a treat, and Dreaming the Soul Back Home is no exception. This may be Moss’ best effort yet at bringing shamanic healing to the fore. For anyone searching for lost fragments of themselves, this wonderful book is like a treasure map with “X marks the spot” on it.

Moss explains how, through the vicissitudes of life, we can lose energy or pieces of our soul. Painful decisions, abuse or trauma, or leaving a person or place behind, can all contribute to a kind of dissociation or soul loss. It is through dreams he notes, that we remember who we really are. As Moss writes, “Dreams not only show us what the soul wants, they also show us where it has gone. We dream again and again of the old place, or Grandma’s house, or high school, or the house we shared with a former partner…. Again and again in dreams, our higher or Greater self comes stalking us, giving us the chance to forge a connection that may bring more of soul or spirit into the body than was with us before.”

Dreaming the Soul back Home is part anecdote and part guide, leading the reader to pure gold. It is full of tips and advice for retrieving lost soul fragments and discerning the wishes of the Higher Self. As Moss writes,when you are in tune with your dreams, great things can happen: “Honoring dreams can lead to vitality, good health and good fortune.” Ignoring the wishes of the soul can lead to illness, depression, and misfortune. There are exercises for meeting your animal guides, meeting your ancestors, going to a place of healing, clearing negative energies, and more. This is powerful healing material, and strongly recommended for anyone who wants to increase their personal energy and psychic power, or advance their spiritual healing. For more information go to:

by Cheryl Shainmark
Robert Moss describes himself as a dream teacher, on a path for which there has been no career track in our culture. He is the creator of Active Dreaming, an original synthesis of dreamwork and shamanism. Born in Australia, he survived three near-death experiences in childhood. He leads popular seminars all over the world, including a three-year training for teachers of Active Dreaming. A former lecturer in ancient history at the Australian National University, he is a best-selling novelist, journalist and independent scholar. His nine books on dreaming, shamanism and imagination include Conscious Dreaming, Dreamways of the Iroquois, The Dreamer's Book of the Dead, The Three ""Only"" Things,The Secret History of Dreaming, Dreamgates, Active Dreaming and Dreaming the Soul Back Home: Shamanic Dreaming for Healing and Becoming Whole.