Can Hypnotherapy Help for Stopping Smoking? by Florence MacKay

Article published with kind permission of Florence MacKay

***image1***If you want to stop smoking and have tried everything from willpower to patches, gums or various other methods to no avail, perhaps Hypnotherapy can help you be free of this habit. You may only need one session which can last between one to two hours. Hypnotherapy helps you overcome the mental and physical condition as well as the habit. This is why many people who have quit with Hypnotherapy experience no cravings and no weight gain.

Why is it so difficult to stop?

A habit is an established behaviour pattern that becomes hardwired in our brain. When you first started smoking you made the conscious decision to smoke because you wanted to smoke. You have control over the habits that you want to adopt and can easily choose to avoid certain habits like smoking. If however, you decide to smoke, you quickly acquire the habit because cigarettes can be just as addictive as cocaine. Once the smoking habit is established you are driven by a powerful compulsion to smoke.

How does it work?

Identify the emotional reasons that drive you to smoke and your daily activities linked to smoking or time of day when you smoke. Then you break the association that these emotions, activities or daily routine have to smoking by replacing the urge to smoke with positive alternatives such as going for a walk, eating fruit, drinking water, exercising or relaxing. Not only will you break the habit but you will prevent it from being replaced by another negative habit such as overeating or anger.

How do I stay stopped?

Visualisation Techniques will help you focus on the rewards of quitting and the hazards of smoking. Imagine yourself going through your daily routine and instead of picking up a cigarette; you reach for fruit, a glass of water or go for a walk. You are amazed that you have no urge to smoke. Hear yourself saying no thank you I don’t smoke and see yourself engaging in activities that use your hands, like sewing, carving, working puzzles, playing cards, gardening etc. This will reinforce your determination to never smoke again.

Florence Borno Mackay, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner

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Article posted 27th – August 2007.

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by Florence MacKay
Florence is a highly qualified and experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist and a certified NLP Coach. She works with clients to enhance their quality of life and surpass their expectations both professionally and personally. She helps her clients to realise their true potential and to demonstrate how by changing your focus and perception you can do be and have the life that your desire. Florence trained with Ian McDermott of International Teaching Seminars (ITS), the only NLP training organisation in Europe to be recognised by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), for its high standards in NLP coaching training.She obtained her hypnotherapy certification with Valerie Austin, a world renowned trainer and author of 5 best-selling books including Self Hypnosis, Free Yourself From Fear, "Stop Smoking In One Hour" with no cravings & no weight gain. Member of General Hypnotherapy Register.