Chords of the Cosmos: Harmonies of the Zodiac

Chords of the Cosmos: Harmonies of the Zodiac with Crystal Bowls for Chakra Balancing, Meditation & The Healing ArtsCrystal Voices, Deborah Van Dyke

Rating: *****


Serene waves of crystal bowl tones echo the beautiful musical harmonies of the constellations that Pythagoras called the ‘Music of the Spheres’. CHORDS OF THE COSMOS fine tunes our entire body to the musical order of the universe with a deeply healing sound journey around the zodiac wheel. This first-of-its-kind recording provides a new level of therapeutic sound with harmonic chords for each astrological sign. It facilitates the alignment and balancing of the chakras and the auric field. The perfect healing companion for meditation, joy, massage and all healing arts.

A reviewer on Amazon wrote: “I have to say, in my opinion this is the ultimate crystal bowl healing recording! The sound recording is of the highest quality, the tones of the bowls weave perfect harmonies, and it is extremely powerful in purifying the auric field and balancing the chakra centers. This is deeply therapeutic sound and I have seen some profound transformations in my massage patients when I use it.” It can also available through

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