Chords of the Cosmos: Harmonies of the Zodiac with Crystal Bowls by Deborah Van Dyke ©

***image1***Our universe is a matrix of vibration, resonance, and harmony. The stars and planets are celestial instruments, each contributing their specific frequency to the Divine Orchestra. The tones of the constellations blend in combination, creating chords of harmony or ‘vibrational assemblages’ that make up the Music of the Spheres.

As Pythagoras taught, musical harmony is an expression of Cosmic Harmony. Just as the celestial bodies of space are structured on harmonic principles, so is our body. When we tune our body to resonate in harmony with this greater blueprint, we align ourselves with powerful Archetones for our healing and transformation.

Astrology corresponds to the mathematics of music. The twelve constellations (hierarchies) of the zodiac have correspondence with the Pythagorean twelve note chromatic musical scale. This model linking the constellations to musical intervals is known as a Tone Zodiac. Some of Pythagoras’s most significant work was determining that the distances between the planets were related to toned intervals, thus advancing the understanding that the entire arrangement of the cosmos is founded upon geometrical vibrations of sound. One of the greatest astrologers of our time, Dane Rudhyar described, “The Pythagorean scale is an unconditioned, archetypal manifestation of cosmic principles.”

Harmony is the key to transformation. It affects us on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Harmony enables us to transmute conditions of the physical body and alter our state of consciousness. With the right combinations of tones and harmonies, we can bring our body into resonance, correct imbalances, and access higher states of consciousness.

***image2***The use of crystal bowl tones to echo the harmonic chords of universal order offers tremendous therapeutic value. Our whole body is a sounding board that can be fine-tuned by these Divine frequencies. When we entrain our personal energy field, our aura, to the cosmic model of harmony, we are aided in sloughing off discordant patterns. The CHORDS OF THE COSMOS CD provides the opportunity to meditatively experience these progressively ascending harmonic chords and facilitates the attunement of one’s personal instrument. In this sound journey around the astrological wheel, our auric field is bathed in the harmony of each constellation, bringing our mind and all our subtle bodies into alignment. When our vessel is tuned, we can soar in union with the creative, luminous Chords of the Cosmos.

The chords for each astrological sign are triad chords. As Pythagoras taught, the triad, or trinity, embodies the model for all creation and manifestation.

The three-note chord for each zodiacal sign is composed of:

– The Key note, Tonic, or Root note associated with the astrological sign.

This relates to the Physical/Etheric level.

– The second note that is a Third interval to the Root note.

This relates to the Emotional/Astral level.

– The third note that creates a Perfect Fifth interval.

This relates to the Causal/Soul level.

Rudolph Steiner described the Third interval as a “return of the human being into the structure of his own organization”. It corresponds with the sentient being. The Fifth elevates one’s consciousness to travel beyond the physical realm into the vastness of pure soul awareness. The conscious soul. The Perfect Fifth relates to the Trine in astrology, 120 degrees, considered the most harmonious of aspects. In ancient times, Fifths were considered “temple music” and were used in Gregorian chant. The Fifth provides a great tonic for our energy field.

***image3***There are many ways to work with these chords. To begin, you may wish to focus on working meditatively with your key chords — those of your sun, rising, and moon signs. Then all twelve planetary chords can be played to attune yourself to the whole spectrum of energies of the great solar wheel.

Over a period of time, and according to your intention, these triad frequencies can be worked with to break up old crystallized energies in your energy field. As well, every month specific astrological energies overshadow us and it is beneficial to work with the zodiac chords of the specific month, especially at the time of the full moon when we are showered with their illumination.

“The Solar Lord is playing His music on twelve planetary notes. The goal of each person is to make that solar music echo on his own aura and find creative expression through it, until ‘as above, so below’ is realized…. Eventually the aura becomes a wheel of twelve spokes, which revolve at such incredible speed that it appears as if the wheel is standing still, and all twelve rays are clearly seen. ”

– Torkom Saraydarian, Aura Shield of Protection & Glory

“The harmonized aura unites the unified consciousness and the unified heart.” – Agni Yoga, Fiery World

Astrologial Correspondences

Primary Musical:


Aries Red C E G Head/Mind Seed Vision

Taurus Red-Orange C# F G# Neck/Throat Patience

Gemini Orange D F# A Nervous System Courage

Cancer Orange-Yellow D# G A# Chest/Stomach Joy/Enthusiasm

Leo Yellow E G# B Heart/Lung Love/Purification

Virgo Yellow-Green F A C Stomach/Intestines Self -Mastery/Service

Libra Green F# C# A# Spine/Bone Marrow Balance/


Scorpio Green-Blue G B D Kidneys/Genitals Regeneration

Sagittarius Blue G# C D Thighs Aspiration

Capricorn Blue-Violet A C# E Knee Attainment

Aquarius Violet A# D F Legs Brotherhood

Pisces Violet-Red B D# F Feet Understanding

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by Deborah Van Dyke ©
Deborah Van Dyke is the author of the book, TRAVELLING THE SACRED SOUND CURRENT: Keys for Conscious Evolution and creator of it companion CD, TRAVELLING THE SACRED SOUND CURRENT:Divine Chants & Sacred Tones For Healing & Meditation. She is also the creator of CRYSTAL VOICES and SOUNDS OF LIGHT crystal bowl meditation CDs, definitive healing tools in the field of therapeutic sound. Her newest CD, referred to in this article, is CHORDS OF THE COSMOS: Harmonies of the Zodiac with Crystal Bowls for Chakra Balancing, Meditation & the Healing Arts.