Global Intention Event for Peace & Healing on December 21st

Energy Medicine Exchange, in cooperation with 10 Billion Beats, present “A Global Intention Event for Peace & Healing” on December 21st. What a way to celebrate the solstice!

As it says on the poster: “The need is great, the tribe is large. This is an effort to positively affect the Earth and her inhabitants through the power of collective intention. Peace TO Earth and Goodwill ON Living kind.”

EME is an online group of Energy Medicine professionals and well-wishers who want to see a wider integration of their proven modalities into the main stream as well as to share a passion for healing and to chart a well-intended course for this passion to thrive!

10 Billion Beats is a plan to circle the earth with a resounding rhythm of unity for all peoples, all faiths, all nations all hopes and dreams. This is a global intention event that brings people together in global unity to face an uncertain future.

by Staff