Healing by Jocelyn Graef: Part 10 in Great Awakening

Yes. Welcome. We are Li Chen. We will speak now on the subject of healing and discuss the role of the healers who are so needed in this time on your planet now.

Understand first that healing is relative term. What one person needs in healing, another person needs not at all. Any form of expression can serve as a vehicle for healing — whether it be conversation, medication, art, music, contemplation, socializing, etc. Each of these and more can serve to heal both the person receiving the gift as well as the one manifesting it. There are as many ways to express healing as there are individuals to offer it. Healing is never one way energy, for there is always participation, on multiple levels, of all involved.

Furthermore, when a healing is occurring, the result is felt on all levels; and not just by the person healed, but by all of universe. Ramifications of all actions, all intentions, are rippling endlessly out through the ether, interacting with all that is. What you are focusing on is growing larger and more powerful through this energy, this interaction.

In this way, you are all healers, if you have the intention to be. How you are choosing to manifest this is, of course, the result of your free choice and action and thought.

Many of you are here in body at this time to engage in conscious action of healing, specifically the healing of others by your gifts. Gifts that were born in another life, another time, to be carried to a higher level of performance, both in the efficacy of your skills and the resultant spiritual growth that will and does occur within both participants. There is tremendous opportunity at this time on your planet to bring into balance many areas that have fallen out of balance, both within the individual and the group as a whole. Much opportunity to resolve karma. We speak of this aspect at length in another talk, so we will not delve into overview here.

As karma is balanced, healing has occurred. Harmony once again exists. This is the true definition of healing — harmony. When physical and spiritual and emotional aspects are in harmony, there can be no illness in the body. As above, so below. When an aspect is out of balance within the being, it will eventually and always show up in the body as illness. Takes long time to manifest in the body. The seriousness of the illness will be an indication of how deeply rooted or how far out of balance the being is.

There is also the aspect of karmic illness as it appears in birth defects, congenital disorders, as well as genetic tendencies. This is where the body may take on the residue of a past life issue to provide opportunity to balance this in the present physical expression. Important that as the problem was created in the physical at one time, it thereby is healed in the physical to provide a greater understanding, through direct experience, on a higher level of consciousness. We will give you example in a small story.

A woman has found she has breast cancer. Her mother has died of this imbalance, as has her dearest friend. Both took two years to leave the body through this imbalance. Is understandable then that this woman would believe she has only two years to complete her life path at this time. However, this is red herring. The true story is that what has created the cancer is an old pattern which remains active issue in her life, that was rooted in another life experience. She simply chose, on higher level of being, to experience this illness, easily manifested through her genetic coding received from her mother.

Author, Jocelyn GraefThe issue is one of giving up her life for those of her family. In present life, this woman has striven to please first her family that she was choosing to be with. In both cases, this woman was to experience desolate sense of failure — always trying, never succeeding to win approval. Never able to please her family, no matter how she was trying to express her desire for approval and acceptance. Always feeling outside of. Always being held apart. Always faulted for who she was and is. Much despair as result.

Lifetime of secret anguish. Longing for the love and acceptance from her family that she has never received. Allowing herself to be controlled by disapproving family in desperate hope that she will someday be included as beloved member of this family group. Her great longing is that her love will be returned.

The husband she had taken (and eventually divorced) continued the pattern she was born into — disapproving, belittling, relegating her to the position of menial service and following and upholding him while disregarding her gifts.

What came of this marriage was a child, a son, who developed deep bond with his mother, breaking the pattern of one aspect of lifelong relationship issues. Yet this was not bringing resolution, the issue lying with her birth family.

Let us now look at bigger picture. In past life, this woman was also female, born to a great and wealthy family. Only daughter, only child. She was doted upon and held up as the prize — the fruit of this family. She was raised to understand that her actions in the world reflected directly on her family in every way. A great burden, this love. It was never occurring to parents that she had or should have thoughts or feeling of her own. Her role was to glorify parents and family name.

As a young teenager of a wealthy family in an age where women’s lives were arranged and manipulated, this young woman became pregnant. This resulted in shock and great shame in family. She was hidden away from the eyes of the world so this shame would not become public knowledge and affect the social standing of this family.

In despair, this young girl was one day walking in the woods with a large knife she had brought with her. In her pain and confusion, she had determined to remove baby from her body and attempted to cut baby out of her stomach, thereby bleeding to death on the grounds of her family estate.

At the time of her death, she was in great despair and shame. She carried this with her on soul level, a great wound in her deepest being. When she came into her present life, she felt on soul level that she was unworthy somehow. Family, too, reinforced this feeling, for her parents now were her parents then, also. None of them understood or examined their responses, for there was no way to see the root of this. How could they? Nevertheless, the patterns of guilt and shame were deeply embedded.

The opportunity was for each of them to look deeper, find a greater acceptance, one not based in expectations, but in true loving acceptance of nature and gifts each one possessed. This did not occur.

The woman came to a partial balancing of this karma when she gave birth to her child in this life, bringing to term what had once been prematurely ended, and gave her child the pent up love that she so longed to express her entire life. The relationship is a healthy and nurturing love, each one giving the other the unconditional acceptance so longed for.

Yet the anguish of longing for acceptance by her family was a cancer in her soul which eventually manifested as a cancer in her body, specifically a female cancer, reflecting her female issues.

Coming to a conscious understanding of the history of her illness, through receiving the direct help of the unconditional love of Reiki healing energy, healed this woman with remarkable immediacy. Within five days of her diagnosis, she was proclaimed cancer-free.

Photograph by Dena VentrudoUnderstanding her issues in the bigger picture enabled her to process her feelings and correct her emotional response, understanding that much of her karmic healing was to find her emotional independence by knowing that she is a complete and gifted being, with or without this family. That her acceptance must come from a deep and true place of soul level, and that God awaits her in all she longs to give as well as receive. Her karma has been resolved.

By taking on an illness, she found the doorway to her true healing, manifesting on all levels. Her cancer quickly healed her of her deeper issue by forcing her attention on herself in a ways they she would not otherwise have sought. All the years that she had unsuccessfully sought a resolution of this issue was set aside in a matter of one week, when she faced cancer and healing, culminating in the joy of soul level harmony and peace in her heart and mind.

This is a small but dramatic story of one who has been healed. And how illness itself can be a very direct route to true healing. Now let us speak about those of you who are striving to become healers. We will give you another story to illustrate this.

Another woman, a woman who in past life has been healer, and respected and sought after by her village, her community. A healer who was called “wise woman” by those who knew her, for this was the role she had been raised to fulfill. A role that was part of the traditions of her tribal people since before memory.

The work this woman — and many like her in her age — was doing was not only healing the illnesses of her people with her herbs and poultices, but also the healing of misunderstandings and spiritual imbalances that are so a part of human experience.

Because this woman was revered by her people, she was seen as threat to a power that was sweeping that land in those days. The power of this new Christian church as expressed through Catholicism. This was during a time in European history when Catholic church was seeking to dominate in all realms. This was done most effectively through the propaganda and mythology that was fed to a people who were most prone to superstitions and otherworldly beliefs.

When Catholic church began to understand the inherent power of these healers, they began a campaign of slaughter and terror that lasted many hundreds of years. This was not simply a campaign of propaganda and shifting of the belief systems of these many tribal peoples. This would have taken too long and was therefore only used to serve as excuse for the killing of these village healers. This woman then, one among millions who would die through drowning or at stake, or a number of most horrible methods, was taken and burned before the eyes of all her people.

At the point of her death, she was feeling the emotions of rage, betrayal — by her god and her people — and a despairing bewilderment in wondering why she was being so punished for lovingly serving her people. There was never a question of whether this was her path. She was profoundly fulfilled and joyfully successful and much loved by all as result of her skilled efforts.

On soul level, she had made vow never to participate in this work again. Her lesson, as far as she could understand it, was that if she was seen and known for what she was doing, she would be murdered. The violence with which this “lesson” was given to her imprinted itself indelibly on her spirit.

Now she is once again healer. Yet this time she has chosen method that is most accepted by the ruling power — western medicine in this case — but with a unique interpretation and translation of this technique which is her own way. She has not forgotten the efficacy of what she once knew, the power of herbs and natural methods, and often gives her wise advice to her patients.

The problem here is that this one is very afraid of being “discovered.” She is not advertising, fearing the very idea of putting herself forward publicly. She has deeply hidden fear of being “known.” Her patients are finding her through word of mouth only, limiting her gifts to those who find her through a friend who has gone to her.

She lives in her work always looking over her shoulder in the sense that her work is causing her to fear that somehow, she is doing something wrong. That, any time now, “they” will find her and kill her. Conscious mind can laugh at this foolishness, yet her emotional response is far more powerful than mind in this case. Emotional response is based in past experience, not logic or hypothesis. Therefore, she will not come to the true level of her potential until this issue can be resolved.

This issue is shared by many, many who are now in body, here to serve this time as well as to join together to continue with the work they once so lovingly gave and was so brutally ended.

Question is, what is the karma and how can it be resolved?

The karma is a difficult and complex issue; just because a truth is stopped does not mean it is not truth. Because someone is killed for what they are doing does not mean that their action is false or evil or necessarily wrong in any way. For a light struck in darkness is always revealing, never forgotten. Truth will come out, no matter how difficult, no matter how repressed.

Darkness cannot ever be total, for all things in universe are in perfect balance, always, What you personally will experience is simply a matter of what you are choosing to focus on.

Photograph by Dena VentrudoBy focusing on the unknown fear response within her, this woman is hiding in her personal darkness, being controlled by those fears that overwhelm her, yet without full conscious understanding of where they are coming from. She clings to the past memory of an experience of darkness, the confusion and pain born of this.

Opportunity is to learn to push through her fears to engage publicly in her healing, thereby able to be of greater service as more people are able to find her.

Her service can grown as can her own personal healing, proving conclusively that she will not be persecuted if she is known. Her gifts will find wider audience, more people will benefit and the spiral will be an upward one, instead of descending into the fear that she is gripped by.

We realize that this is a great challenge of courage for people like her, yet it is not to be expected that the fear will not be there. The fear is a part of who she is at this time. Only necessary to acknowledge the fear and continue on. For it will be in the act of pushing though the fear that she will be able to dissolve it and find higher level of service in the world, resulting in a great joy and satisfaction as she brings into balance the negative past experiences with her true path in the world.

For those of you who are on a path of healing and share to a greater or lesser degree these fears of this woman, we would recommend that you seek community with other likeminded healers. Others who are working in their chosen fields of healing, often holistic and therefore largely scorned by the medical community. In doing this you will find the validation and the courage and the existing partnership to succeed in your path.

As the trend toward holistic healing continues and deepens and captures the attention and support of many, the doctors, too, are opening to the possibilities of many of the techniques they once disregarded. This is leading toward a future day when there is a marriage between traditional medicine in this culture and the reawakening of healing that has for long been forgotten and denied. For each has a place. Each one can give much to the other, resulting in greater gift for all.

Jocelyn Graef can be contacted through email at jegraef@comcast.net

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by Jocelyn Graef
A lifelong psychic, Jocelyn began her training in spiritual and psychic development as a young woman. During that early period, she also had the honor of studying Reiki with Hawayo Takata, the source of Reiki outside Japan and the final Grand Master of her lineage. She ultimately became a Reiki Master in order to teach the pure Reiki that Takata taught her.After many years of life experience and spiritual development, Jocelyn became a trance medium, channeling an ancient entity known as “Li Chen.” A Tibetan monk in his last life more than 700 years ago, Li Chen is an ascended master working through Jocelyn to serve this time by bringing a greater clarity to our lives. From this deeper understanding of who we truly are we may walk unerringly forward on our path, understanding our gifts and how best to implement them for greater service. Currently offering sessions with Li Chen over the phone, Jocelyn lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and two dogs. She can be contacted through email at jegraef@comcast.net.