Making Miracles, Holding Butterflies by Lynne Woodland

Grounded in science and metaphysics, Making Miracles, Holding Butterflies is a growing snowball of group consciousness. It invites all readers to bypass the presumed boundaries of space and time (boundaries reach out in loving compassion to every other reader, wherever they happen to be in space/time. The “experiment” involves focusing and directing this collective energy of love to see what miracles we can create for ourselves, each other, and the world beyond.

This is a book about consciousness, time, quantum science, and God, all woven into a series of practical, personal experiments in miracle-making. It goes far beyond current teachings on the law of attraction and will sweep readers up in a collaborative experiment that pushes all the boundaries of human potential.

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by Namaste Publishing
Lynne's background includes 12 years as a chemical dependency and mental health counselor, and she has studied and practiced Therapeudic Touch, Reiki, and other forms of energy and spiritual healing since 1981. In 1983 she founded and directed the Baltimore Center for Attitudinal Healing, a free health crisis resource center for people dealing with life-challenging illnesses. Lynn has taught workshops on the law of attraction for decades, blending science, spirituality, psychology, and practical application. Her particular area of interest and expertise is in what gives rise to miraculous experiences.