Ian Pratiss and Friends For Peace

Ian Pratiss has a new book out, “Failsafe: Saving the Earth From Ourselves.” The author is a Professor Emeritus, Ambassador for Peace, and Spiritual Warrior for planetary care, peace and social justice. He is the Founder of Friends for Peace and a Zen teacher, poet, and guru in India. His website is www.ianpratiss.com .

“Ian’s book respects and reflects on Aboriginal Prophesies about the Eighth Fire and care of the Earth Mother. He investigates the spiritual lack in the modern world and proposes sound means to guide the course of humanity. For this he draws on the Wisdom of the Elders. This is a book for our times. It has his experience of Taming the Wild Mind, serving the Earth and the cause of Peace.” Grandfather William Commanda, Algonquin Elder, Founder of the Circle of All Nations. Order of Canada

Friends for Peace, Pratiss’s organization, is dedicated to peace, social justice and planetary care. Starting with the first chapter in Ottawa, Canada, there are now hundreds of affiliated Friends working all over the world.

by Staff