Katonah Green with Heather Flournoy

Heather FlournoyKatonah Green is a website and blog with the who, what, when, why, and where on everything green in Katonah, NY area.

Heather Flournoy has covered everything from geothermic heating to organic juice bars. She covers whats in the news locally as well as across the US.

The top of the website says it all:

“Environmental Technologies – Organic Food & Farming – Sustainable Living – Interviews – Reviews – Resources – Retail Stores – Green Films – Natural Health – Stories – Community Building Forum – Where to Find What – Where to Get Rid of What – All Within 20 Miles of Katonah, NY”

This is a website you don’t want to miss, whether you live within 20 miles of Katonah or not!


Heather Flournoy is a lifelong student of natural health, a freelance writer and horse trainer in Katonah, NY.


Fiddlehead Ferns Inspire Forager’s Culinary Fever by Heather Flournoy

Restaurant Review by Heather Flournoy

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Heather Flournoy is a writer, natural health advocate, horse trainer and mother in Katonah, NY. Her writing focuses on sustainable living, holistic horse care and organic food, and there's more to come! You can visit her blog at www.KatonahGreen.com