Merlian News Podcast Interview with The Leading Authority In the Paranormal, Dr. Hans Holzer

Professor HansHolzer is a writer/producer and on camera personalityfor the popular NBC series, “In Search Of” as well as several other documentaries on the paranormal.

Dr. Holzer has written 143 books. You can findhis books on the shelves any mainstream bookstore.

In this interview Dr. Holzer talks with Merryn Jose about reincarnation, ghosts,UFO’s and other paranormal experiences,during his long and prestigious career as an author and parapsychologist.

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More about Dr.Hans Holzer:

“I went to college, at Vienna University first, studying ancient history and archeology, in addition to that numismatics. After that I spent three and a half years at Columbia University in the far eastern department at the same time studying Japanese. This is during the war years. Finally I did some more work with theLondon College of Applied Science where I got a Masters in comparative religion and a doctorate in philosophy. A year later I was offered a professorship at the New York Institute of Technology where I taught parapsychology for 8 years.

I would consider my book Ghosts as my most successful book in the fact that it has sold over 150 thousand so far. It’s an encyclopedia of all the ghost cases that I have been involved in.”

“I was offered the professorship because Eileen Garrett, a famous medium and psychic investigator, she and I worked together for many years, and she came to me and asked me to do an investigation of haunted houses in the eastern United States. And I got a grant to do this and thegrant was renewed and renewed and when it was all done it was around 1960-61.”

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Merlian News Interviews Professor Hans Holzer, Ph.D., Author & Parapsychologist

by Merlian News
Professor Hans Holzer a leading authority in the field of the paranormal. He has earned his Ph.D. from the London College of Applied Science.