The Athiest’s Way: Living Well Without Gods by Eric Maisel, Ph.D.

The Athiest's Way: Living Well Without Gods by Eric Maisel, Ph.D.In The Athiest’s Way by Eric Maisel, the author demonstrates that atheism is not a denial of the world of gods, but instead leads away from self to a more active participation in society but without a directive from some higher force. Maisel explodes the myth that life has any inherent meaning to seek, demonstrating that meaning is a decision and that until we decide what is meaningful, nothing is. He makes the case that the paradigm shift from seeking meaning to making meaning is this century’s most pressing intellectual goal. The Atheist’s Way is the first book to describe the beauty, power, and righteousness of personal meaning and to provide both nonbelievers and believers with an atheist blueprint for living.

According to Maisel, the atheist’s way is not humanism, not existentialism, not spirituality, and not psychology but a path that embraces aspects of all those approaches to life. Unlike recent bestsellers about atheism, this book doesn’t rail against religion and believers. Instead, it announces that an indifferent universe need not deter humans from creating lives of value and integrity that are at once sustainable, rich, and real. At a time when people are burdened by the feeling that they and their efforts don’t matter, Maisel offers a picture of the universe and of a purposeful life that floundering unbelievers and wavering believers can wholeheartedly embrace.

Drawing on freethinking traditions, contemporary psychology and the life sciences, Maisel presents a lofical and practical program for the person looking for a compelling answer to the question, “How should I construe the purpose of my life?”

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by Monique Muhlenkamp, New World Library
The author of more than thirty books, Eric Maisel, PhD, writes a monthly column for Art Calendar magazine and leads workshops worldwide. Maisel holds undergraduate degrees in philosophy and psychology, master’s degrees in counseling and creative writing, and a doctorate in counseling psychology. He is also a California-licensed marriage and family therapist. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit his website,