Other Signs of 2012 — Our Shifting Consciousness by Stephen Thomson

Stephen Thomson, www.stephenthomson.net There is and will continue to be a tremendous amount of interest and speculation about the year 2012. As the date nears, more information becomes known. There is great optimism that 2012 will bring about a sea change in the energy and consciousness on our planet. How this will manifest, the ways in which our world will change, will be revealed as we come closer to the date. On a personal level, individuals continue to strive for complete understanding of the importance of the time. What will 2012 mean for us as personally? How will our lives be changed?

For each of us, the content of our soul journey is revealed in the events of our everyday lives. We are the total of all the days we have lived, all the breaths we have taken. Therefore, whatever is coming for each of us in 2012 has already begun. It is happening now and will continue to go on. Our personal growth, as well as the advancement of all of humankind, happens in small increments. Often the increments of change and the progress we make are at a rate that is barely perceptible. Yet who we are and who we are becoming become almost seamless in relationship to our advancing states of consciousness.

We reincarnate in a time when there is just the right mixture of energy and events for the advancement our soul. Life calls for us to expand and grow, moving within the framework of our life karma. With that, even the simplest daily activity is a part of the journey into the deeper places of the soul and expansion of our spiritual consciousness. Save for some catastrophic event, it is often difficult to discern the impact of the shifts in our lives. What is happening in our journey is far greater than a single date or event.

What many of us are sensing with the approach of 2012 is a soul call from deep within us. We now have the information and the tools, unprecedented in the written history of humankind, to enable us to step out of the time-tested, proven, and comfortable ways we have been walking our life paths. In this age, we can reach beyond our limitations in an almost super-human way. We can take a major leap forward overcoming previous blockages either self-created or a product of the world in which we live. Spiritual practices like meditation can bring our consciousness into harmony with our soul voice and life-purpose. Along the way, as we purify our bodies, we come into alignment with the energy of the universe in which we live. When this happens, we no longer have to contend with or simply react to the swings in ever-changing universal energy. Rather, we can choose to live a life in contact with the all-knowing source of creation.

In my personal world and among my client base, there has been a marked change in what people are experiencing and reporting during this past year. There is a sense that the veils between the seen and unseen world are diminishing. Indeed for some, they have completely disappeared. At a party recently, a guest shared with me how she now has daily contact with who she believes to be one of the cosmic masters. No longer needing to hold a respectful or fearful distance in response to the guiding, teaching presence, she now calls the Master by a familiar and informal name. She went on to describe the Master as appearing dressed in casual contemporary clothing while they dialog about mundane life events as well as all the matters of higher spiritual learning and consciousness.

In my circle, the most common theme is a feeling of completion. So many people are talking to me about putting the past behind them. They are no longer interested in dwelling in the wounds of yesterday’s life experiences. That’s everything from failed loving relationships to the challenges of biological family life. People want to be free to express their inner essences, the ones that seem to have spoken the longest yet received the least amount of attention.

This is where people are now, at the doorway to the next step in their journeys and along their spiritual paths. Yet, with all this clarity and understanding, no one seems to be able to take the first step in actualizing the urges coming from deep within. Perhaps this is what 2012 will bring: the force from within each of us to take the next steps.

This month, take a step back for an objective view of your life at this time. Use your journal, talk to a friend or meditate on these questions:

What do I feel is finished in my life?

What do I feel is shifting in my life?

What is my soul telling me I need to do as the next step on my path?

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