Overcoming MS Without Drugs

“Minding My Mitochondria” How I overcame secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and got out of my wheelchair — a video presentation by Terry L. Wahls, MD

Originally filmed for www.ted.com in 2011, this short video is making the rounds again now that there is renewed interest in drug-free alternatives to treating this, and other diseases. In this lecture Dr. Wahls explains how, after years of following traditonal medical treatments and drug therapies and still deteriorating physically, she finally halted and reversed her stage two MS by radically changing her diet.

The diet, which she has since fully developed into “The Wahls Protocol – Defeating Progressive MS Without Drugs ,” features great quantities of leafy greens such as kale, plus sulferous vegetables such as cabbage or brussel sprouts, and “colorful” berries and vegetables such as beets, peppers, carrots, etc. She emphasizes getting enough protein, Omega 3 and iodine in one’s diet by eating seaweed, seafood, grass fed meat, game, wild fish, flax, and walnuts. Dr. Wahls also advises eliminating wheat and dairy as a further measure to avoid food allergies and sensitivites.

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by Staff