Soul Reflections: Introspective Music for a New Age

This is a CD for those times when you just want to settle into the easy chair and take a little healing trip — Soul Reflections: Introspective Music for a New Age, Gene Krackehl’s 6th effort, is just the ticket for a do it yourself healing experience. Gene, already known as “The Amazing Healer” for his energetic healings, as well as being the author of “You Are The Healer” has outdone himself on this album. The tunes range from the angelic and peaceful to the uplifting ,almost jazzlike formulations that transport you out into space and then return you back again, safe and sound.

Gene plays all the instruments and synthesized sounds himself, and turns out a wonderfully lush sound, giving the impression of full orchestration, choirs and woodwinds when he wants to. There are other wordly notes and electronic themes that are reminiscent of Robert Monroe’s Hemi-Sync tapes, but it’s subtle — all the listener really needs to know is that it all adds up to a genuine healing experience.

In the liner notes, Gene writes, “Music has always possessed magical qualities. It can touch us deep inside, transport us back in time helping us to remember and sometimes re-live important parts of our lives.” As he goes on to note, this works for all the phases of our lives — so, whether it’s the present, the past or the future you’re looking to heal, you should check out “Soul Reflections.”

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by Review by Cheryl Shainmark