Intuitive Astrology Workshop

Intuitive Astrology Workshop — A one-day workshop with Victoria Libertore and Lisa Karmen on Sunday, November 17th, 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Intuition explored through astrology, reincarnation and energy. Astrology is the study of cycles and timing; a science and an art that offers guidance, inspires consciousness and deepens self awareness. Consulting your astrological chart helps you learn to listen to your own rhythm and to trust your intuition to figure out the steps you can take to energize your personal and/or professional life. Astrologically, the day will be focus on the planet Neptune that rules intuition.

We’ll use our intuition to access past lives and discover how they may be influencing us in this present moment. Energetically, we’ll learn how to check in with our own auras and chakras to intuit if there are energies from the past or present that need to be released. Participants are asked to provide their birth details (date, time place of birth) in advance so that their personal chart can be cast and used in the workshop. This interactive afternoon will be delivered in a fun and safe environment. We hope you can join us! Please see and for more about the teachers.

Contact Lisa Karmen at or Victoria Libertore at to sign up!


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