Sound Healing with Mingtong Gu – Lesson One: Setting the Chi Field

Sound Healing with Master Mingtong Gu – Lesson One: “Setting the Chi Field” Here at Merlian News, some of the staff have been enjoying the online Home Study course “Sound Healing” from . What we’ve found is that the first lesson, “Setting the Chi Field” is critical for gaining the most from your Qi Gong practice. Do it right and each session is deeper and more profound, do it wrong and you may feel better than not having done it at all, but you won’t get the best healing and benefit that you could.

So it’s worth taking the time to do it correctly and Master Mingtong Gu’s audio and video in Lesson One are fantastic at guiding you through making a good connection. The Chi field is the all important energy, or life force, that heals and nourishes us all — more than that, by connecting specifically with Mingtong Gu’s voice and energy you connect with the whole healing field at The Chi Center in California, and with every other practioner of Qi Gong.

Even better, the way this works is that you can also connect with everybody who taught Mingtong Gu, including Grandmaster Ming Pang, the creator of Wisdom Healing Qi Gong. “Establishing a Chi Field” was one of his great innovations and is based on the Hunyuan Entirety Theory that he founded. Ming Pang founded the world’s largest medicineless hospital in China in the 1980’s where he cured many and trained others in his healing techniques, including Mingtong Gu.

According to Master Gu, you can set the intention to connect with Master Pang and other great teachers when you set this field. As Mingtong Gu says in this lesson, you are asking for:

“A continuous unfolding of accumulative life energy experience from the past to the present. Deeply acknowledging the pure wisdom energy you have accumulatively cultivated in this lifetime and beyond. Deeply acknowledging and connecting. Activating the energetic memory of the chi field, the collective, accumulative, holographic energy cultivation, embodiment of all practitioners.”

This is powerful stuff — as you connect with the ocean of energy around you and learn to open your heart and your body, you will feel the nourishing energy of the Universe making a profound diffence in you. Even if you didn’t have time to go on and do any other exercises this alone will give you great benefits. Of course, we always go on, in this case to Lesson Two, “Welcome and Teaching on Love,”and we will cover that for our next article on the Sound Healing series.

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