Spiritual Life Conference at Columbia University June 20th

On June 20th, the Spirituality Mind Body Institute at Teachers College is hosting The Spiritual Life: Learning and Growth across the LifespanPersonal and Professional Development Conference. Join today!

Spiritual Life Conference

This innovative conference will explore the intersection of science, spirituality, psychology and education across the lifespan, integrating spirituality through practice to develop new ways of teaching and learning guided by wisdom and science. Check out this landmark event!

The Spiritual Life conference hopes to serve as a bridge between science, academia and the diverse worldwide community to address the needs of a rapidly changing world, with a cutting-edge, global spiritual platform that brings together world-renowned scientists, educators, healers and spiritual leaders to inspire conversations that foster social connectedness and constructive resolutions to contribute to the higher good of the whole.

The conference is dedicated to supporting mental health professionals, coaches, educators, parents, helping professionals, students, and activists, and it is applicable towards earning 1 CEU.

Conference Website: http://www.tc.columbia.edu/ spirituallife/

To register please click here.

by Staff