The Evolving Complexity of Being: Part II By Stephen Thomson

“If we reach the understanding of what we actually are, there is no better remedy for eliminating all suffering. This is the heart of all spiritual practices.”- Kalu Rimpoche

“Oneness with Spirit in which the mystery of life is no more.”- Paramahansa Yogananda

There is one more point in understanding the true nature of energy and our relationship to our spiritual path, the Divine. With out first breath, we enter the world of illusion, Maya, where we believe our lives are separate and apart from our Source. The physical body, physical senses and desires, attributes of being – the ego part of us, wants to declare uniqueness, our personal power and absolute rule. While at the same time, spiritual impulses, emanating from the soul come into our consciousness through the psychic senses. The battles between these two undeniable influences create the ever-changing ebb and flow of life events. The soul demands we seek harmony and attunement with all that is. The human part of us, acting like a petulant child, musters all available forces to be different, unique and all the things of self. With the evolving complexity of being, one path remains, to balance and harmonize these two points of duality with the oneness of Spirit.

Where do we begin? A first step may be to create the desire in the forefront of our consciousness to blend with and personally know Divine energy. That would mean our spiritual growth needs attending in the exact same manner as our physical life. As with any effort we put forth and to advance on the spiritual path, we need to have a sense of what we are working toward. We know what we are supposed to be seeking though the teachings of the Great Masters that have walked the earth. But how does that translate to our individual being, living a life based upon karma remaining from other lifetimes, and limited by the confines of the human consciousness? It may seem crass, but by rearranging our thinking and formulating a plan, we can begin to understand our unfolding spiritual consciousness and draw nearer to the oneness we wish to experience.

Another important step deals with the constant search for our truth. On a personal level, that means telling our truth and listening for the voice of conscience, the Divine voice within. By standing our ground, listening to our spiritual pacemaker in the face of the demands of others and life, we can be certain of being on the right soul path. For most of us, the path to our personal truth and higher-consciousness is strewn with the corpses of outmoded ways of acting and operating in a demanding and unrelenting material world. Pulling our life back to us, not allowing others people to direct, effect or influence our thinking is a major step in the advancing states of spiritual consciousness.

We also have to do our part by working hard to create the right conditions and opportunity to feel the experience of oneness in our life. We can eat right, monitor the company we keep, meditate, pray, as well as practice all the other spiritual techniques. Slowly, focusing on our truth, motivated by the impulses of our heart and soul, the ego starts to surrender. It is then that the Divine creative energy begins to gather strength as the stronger force in our consciousness. As we continue to grow, the need to live in self-centered consciousness diminishes and can eventually disappear. The end of the dramas of life is in sight.

The experience of oneness comes to everyone with time, study and meditation. With advancement coming from within, in the form of self-understanding and becoming more spiritually conscious, we begin to recognize the long-held thoughts that keep us separated from the greater light. To walk through life seeing everything as one-energy, transforms the core of our being to state of eventually being with that energy. And we can get to this important step by looking within, observing our inner workings, and learning what creates harmony within us.

In time the harmony and peace we desire will no longer come and go in each passing moment. As we continue our efforts to attune and align ourselves with the God of our Heart, all that we need will be provided for us. What our lives hold is our truth. No longer will we feel the need to be beggars at the banquet of life. Our opportunity comes from holding in every thought moment a sense of the Divine presence that pervades our universe, and knowing we are not ever alone.

In the next few weeks, begin to define what it would feel like to experience the sublime energy of being one with all that is. Journal on the issue of your truth and try and discover how closely you are living in accordance with the voice of your higher-self. Think of how many times you choose to follow the path of another, rather then listening to the voice of your higher-self.

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