The God Search is Over by Don Mordasini

Imagine for a moment you are hurtling through space at 30,000 miles an hour. You look out a window and see a sliver of the moon, planets, stars, and in the distance earth. You are completely surrounded by a dark emptiness punctuated by these celestial bodies. You glance at your pilot and see that he is immersed in his instruments absorbed by the data he’s monitoring.

You gaze out the window again and you realize the tiniest speck of matter, let alone the earth, the sun, the celestial bodies, everything you see, is being sustained by something more than chance. You intuit that the cosmos is in harmony. Some unknown intelligence is orchestrating the universe.

In that moment you have a profound spiritual awakening in which you understand – in the deepest level of your being – that you are an integral part of it all – you are the darkness — you are the light — you are the planets, the sun and everything you see and don’t see.

You are one with it all. All is one with you.

The experience passes — but this experience has changed you forever.

This experience happened to Edgar Mitchell.

He experienced a connectedness — in his words — as if everything was connected by some invisible thread. He felt a force field connecting all people, their intentions, thought and feelings —every animate and inanimate form was part of some inexpiable whole.

Edgar Mitchell had a profound spiritual awakening.

He was not looking for any experience — he was simply looking out the window of their spacecraft the Kityhawk as it plummeted towards earth.

As a man of science with a Ph.D. in astrophysics from MIT this experience changed his life. Ed dedicated himself to probe the secrets of physics looking for answers and collected some of the finest scientists who weren’t afraid to be ostracized from their colleagues who dared never mention the “G” word. He formed an institute, the Institute of Noetic Science that was dedicated to bridge the gap between God and man.

Ultimately he found his answer in quantum physics.

In order to understand what Edgar Mithell and his colleagues discovered we need to take a basic review of what science has revealed to us as it has slowly unfolded its secrets.


Einstein’s formula — E=MC squared — energy equal Mass times the speed of light squared was the profoundest physics discovery of the last century.

What a breakthrough!

Einstein’s equation proved that there weren’t two fundamental entities — physical and immaterial- BUT mass was energy! No matter what you looked at, no matter how dense it appeared, it could ultimately be reduced to a sea of electromagnetic fields.

Fast forward twenty years and I worked as a stockbroker near Stanford’s particle accelerator.

When the scientists split an atom each electron moved in opposite directions at the speed of light. It was observed that when an electron spun in one direction the other electron spun in an opposite direction.

Then a discovery was made that created a puzzle. If a scientist changed the spin of one electron the opposite electron changed its spin simultaneously. This was known as Bells Theorem. This was considered impossible because both particles were moving apart at the speed of light

If that wasn’t enough — get this!

The observer could influence the spin of the electron. If an electron was spinning clockwise the observer could reverse its spin and the opposite electron would reverse its spin as well.

Something connected the two electrons AND the observer as well!

In the world of quantum physics an electron would sometimes appear as a particle and sometimes as a wave. Whether it was a particle or wave couldn’t be determined — but the observer looking at the wave made it appear as mass!

Something was definitely going on. What had formerly been thought of as a vast void between a nucleus and its particles was out the window. Heisenberg, one of the architects of quantum theory, said that elementary particles interact with each other due to particles known as ‘virtual particles’ that exist for a fleeting fraction of a second in the void or field. The “void” also known as the zero point field, or the virtual field, is replete with virtual particles which provide stability to atoms. Electrons get there energy to keep going without slowing down because they are refueled by this field of seething energy. It accounts for the stability of all atoms. Without this stabilizing factor all atoms would break down and there would be no universe.

Also, an electron moving around a proton exists as energy until an observer looks for it and it turns to mass. The position of the electron cannot be predicted

To recap for a minute. Quantum physics, with its ‘virtual field’ orders all particles circulating around a nucleus. All atoms — that make up the composition of our world, are formed by a virtual field replete with energy that is not random but orderly and the observer is part of the field in that he influences it.

This field is the source of all creation! It is the sub-composition of all we see and don’t see. We too are in the field — which is why the observer influences other forms of mass in the field.

Order does not happen by chance — but is created by something that creates that order.

Intelligence – infinite Intelligence – CONSCIOUSNESS.

Consciousness permeates everything in the universe seen and unseen- this is God immanent in the universe. Edgar Mitchell tumbled into this experience. His work with the Institute if Noetic Sciences continues investigating experientially expressions of this truth.

In various spiritual cultures God immanent in us is called soul, Self, spirit, atman, ‘I’am etc.

The ancient rishis of the East have known this for eons; they have experienced their oneness with All. The first writing of this that I am aware of appeared in the Chandogya Upanishad (c.600 BCE) in Sanskrit – “Tat Tvam Asi”.

‘I am that”

Physics has found God.

Don Mordasini, M.A., MFT

Author: Princes and Ogres, Integration of Psyche and Soul



by Don Mordasini