The Merlian News February 2015 Newsletter

This Month’s Recommended Merlian News Articles:

Polarity Screens by Merryn Jose

“Always interested in preventative medicine for myself. I decided to pay a visit to a Holistic Health Exhibition held in London. I spent some time talking with a very enthusiastic sales person about the use of Polarity Screens which is a device that she claims has vastly improved her overall health by using them just twenty minutes twice a day. Personally I found the screens quite remarkable in their simplicity, which allows the body’s self healing mechanism to do all the work.”

Liminal Moments by Cheryl Shainmark

A Few Thoughts About Thinking

I recently finished re-reading “Anathem” by Neal Stephenson, for the second time, (not something I usually do) and I was struck by an offhand observation that the young main character makes about another man who may be hundreds of years old. At one point, the old man is chanting and holds the same note for hours, (clearly some kind of re-breathing technique), and the young man ponders what it’s like to have such a different notion of time that you would want to chant the same note for hours. Then he has the insight that a mind that has done that probably has very different thoughts from a mind that hasn’t.


Glimmer by Lisa Karmen: What’s Happening in Astrology Right Now

Lisa writes, “ February 1st is the Festival of Candelmas in the Celtic Calendar. The Ancient Celts charted the progress of the Sun’s annual journey through the sky with eight celebrations throughout the year. And while one’s individual experience may not exactly coincide with the path of the Sun, we are all still affected by its annual movement. By understanding the inherent psychological meaning signified by the path of the Sun, we can align our development with this archetypal energy to nurture our consciousness as well as find solace in these evolutionary times.”


Ask Li Chen: Do Trees Communicate?

In her channeled column, Jocelyn Graef writes: “ Q: Li Chen, do trees communicate? A: Dear One, all life communicates in ways most mysterious and glorious. In the spirit of your question, yes, trees do communicate very specifically with each other. When one is in tune, one can also receive communication from trees, though this is rare. It is not as though trees are inhabited by spirits in order to communicate. It is the ability for each tree — as it is for humans and animals and other life forms — to speak to each other in very observable ways….”


The Multidimensional Traveler by Khartika Goe

In an excerpt from her book, The Multidimensional Traveler, author Khartika Goe writes, “Often, after waking up from a night of traveling, I find myself immersed in thoughts of why most people tend to fear the unknown and choose to live in oblivion. Perhaps ignorance is indeed bliss. But what is bliss if it deprives us of the truth of our potential? Our lives attain structure from phenomena that we are able to explain and see in the physical body; and it is through fragments of human creation, such as the concept of time, that we have come to construe what is possible and what is impossible, and likewise- what characterizes the truth and what is deemed as ‘absurdity’….”

People /Transformative Experience

My Transformative Experience by Steve Thomson

I have always approached my spiritual path from a place of a need for taking some kind of physical action. I believe this force within me comes from the hyper level of psychic ability that I was born with in this lifetime. Along with this comes from an undeniable inner-force within me that seems to demand that I go about my journey in a physical way. I feel the pull of spiritual energy embodied in people and places. The speculative and intellectual parts of the spiritual path have always held a secondary place to taking some kind of action. This does not mean that I am not well educated and well read as a spiritual man. I am. Yet, there has always been a physical demand, the need to take action in some meaningful way that has been the light on my path…”

Conscious Eating

Nettles! by Patricia Neill

“Wood nettles like to grow by forest streams or rivers. Stinging nettles prefer sunny areas. If you have a creek or stream or river near you, look along the banks for nettles. If you get stung by the nettles, jewelweed is usually growing nearby. Cut the stem of the jewelweed and it will ease the nettles sting. So do dock and plantain leaves. Stick some plantain in your pocket before heading out to gather nettles. “


Dreams: Reconnecting Us To The Sacred by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

“We are hungry for the sacred, for meaning to return to our lives. And this meaning is waiting within us–the sacred is present in the symbols of our dreams. But first we have to create an inner space that is not corrupted by outer desires, purify ourselves and our intention. In the Native American tradition the individual often had to fast and be purified by a sweat lodge in order to be ready to fully experience the inner world. Any dreamwork, but especially spiritual dreamwork, requires a continual attitude of inner attention and a commitment not to use the energy of the inner for personal gain. Dreams can reconnect us with the sacred but only if we learn how to be receptive and respect their symbols and images.”


Science/Quantum Physics

When Scientists Have Mystical Experiences

What happens when a scientist has a spiritual experience? When the skeptic has his or her eyes opened? When the rational comes up against the seemingly irrational? Lately we’ve been reading serious accounts of just these events. Our favorite new website is . Originally created by Charles Tart, the website has become a real resource and a treasure house of true stories of scientist’s mystical experiences. The stories are fascinating and many readers who have had similar experiences will recognise the details of the events recounted.

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Merryn Jose – Editor In Chief & Publisher

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