The Legend of the Golden Solar Disc By Stephen Thomson

The Conquistadors recorded that when they arrived in Cusco, the Golden Solar Disc was hanging in the Coricancha, the Inca Temple of the Sun.

Stephen Thomson, In the last several years, there has been a renewal of interest in The Golden Solar Disc. Tradition holds the Disc was brought to Peru thousands of years ago by the Sages at the destruction of the island known as Lemuria. It was through the medium of the Disc that the spiritual hierarchy of the Lemurians was able to access and activate the higher knowledge of our universe. In recent years, an additional belief has come into knowing; suggesting the Disc also opens the heart center, in alignment with the universal energy of unconditional love. Furthermore, it is a widely held belief that the energy of the Solar Disc reactivated around the beginning of the century. Now, for those who chose to make the pilgrimage to Lake Titicaca, the energy of the Disc is accessible to all who seek attunement and initiation.

What we know from recorded history is the Disc actually exists or existed. Today, the most often repeated legend surrounding the current where about of the Disc is that it was taken from Cusco to Lake Titicaca in order to be secreted from the Spanish. At this point the legend begins to shift and there are several versions of what may have happened. One legend holds that the Disc was smashed into peaces and scattered across the Lake bed. Another story holds that it rests in the Lake in a single piece. Still another claim is the lost city of the Incas, Paititi, is somewhere on Lake Titicaca and a possible location of the Disc. Perhaps, with time, one or more of these legends will provide the key which ultimately leads to the rediscovery of the Disc on the physical plane. Or, the Disc may never be reclaimed and returned to the Coricancha.

Yet, for so many reasons, the ideas represented by this and all the other great spiritual legends are important to our lives today. For each of us, as we journey our path, it is important to have metaphors like this, even if they are not based on actual history. These kinds of legends appear to point us in the right direction, just when we need them. After all, so much of our work is done on other dimensions, most often beyond the verification of the human senses or earth plane. And there are times it can get pretty confusing trying to translate the symbols of our own psychic experiences. In this case and others like it, the Universe offers up a place for us to begin or continue our search and also to ground our experiences. The gift for us is an opportunity to expand of our consciousness beyond the limitations of earthly experience. This comes with our willingness to look within and continue to challenge the restrictions built into our consciousness and by the world around us.

Whether or not the Disc exists on the earth plane, its cosmic complement continues to reside on other dimensions. The power tools of our day, like the Disc, help us experience specific universal energy — force and form. In this way, we can begin to experience a first-hand knowing of the order in which our universe exists, which for the most part is in sharp contrast to the chaos of the earth plane. The pure energy that makes up our Universe continues unchanged in its original form since creation. The changes in energy we believe to be happening around us are nothing more than a shift in the consciousness of humankind and our ability to conceptualize and perceive energy. So the Disc can be thought of as an example of a specific range of Universal energy that we can conceptualize and experience attunement. Here is a symbol for directing our thought energy as we meditate or as a point of concentration as we walk through our day.

Try this exercise during one of your meditation periods. Set aside some time for attuning with the Golden Solar Disc. Remember, we can relive past historical events such as the one described here, by the power of our imagination.

First, find an artist rendering on the Internet so you will have a picture in your mind of the Disc Recreate the history and legend in your mind. By the power of your mind, mentally travel back to the time when the Disc was hanging in the Coricancha. Relax and concentrate until you feel you have connected with the energy of the Disc. Ask to experience your own initiation of the energies. As you attune with the Disc, hold the desire for some kind of information or message. Be sure to journal your experience.

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