The Unfoldment

Personal Power and Magic: With his new book, The Unfoldment, noted teacher/philosopher Neil Kramer blazes an organic path to enlightenment.

Long awaited by his devoted students and media followers, Neil Kramer’s new book, The Unfoldment: The Organic Path to Clarity, Power, and Transformation brings together his inimitable insight into metaphysics, mysticism and spirituality. A renowned teacher and workshop leader, Kramer is a sought-after speaker at conferences worldwide, and a frequent guest on dozens of radio programs.

Unlike so many Mind/Body/Spirit titles, this is a practical, hands-on, personal guide to the magic of life-long transformation and enlightenment.

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by Neil Kramer
A popular speaker and media guest specializing in the fields of metaphysics, shamanism, and ancient mystical disciplines, Neil Kramer gives seminars, workshops and teachings around the world, and has spoken at numerous international conferences on the nature of human consciousness.