Whole Health Shiatsu with Rochelle Hood

***image1***Shiatsu is a body work practice that began originally in China and was developed in Japan. “Shi” means “finger” and “atsu” means “pressure.” Today it is also known as acupressure.

In Shiatsu, various degrees of pressure are applied to different points on the meridians of the body in order to balance the energy and unblock the chi that runs through these meridians. In oriental medicine it is believed that the main cause of disease is a blockage of a concentration of energy in a particular part of the body.

Releasing the blockage can help prevent disease. When there’s a concentration of energy in one part of the body, there is also a corresponding part of the body in which there is a lack of energy. The goal is to create balance.

In addition to Shiatsu, I have also studied Chinese medicine, nutrition, Ku Nye (Tibetan body work), yoga and Chi Kung. And in some cases I use moxa and cupping to further the healing process.

In your session we will evaluate your physical condition together, and then decide on an individualized treatment using the best modality according to your specific needs. If necessary I will recommend some dietary changes to strengthen certain organs of the body, breathing exercises for calming, and yoga or Chi Kung exercises to work on imbalances.

These recommendations will give you a chance to get you involved in your own healing process. I find that clients feel empowered by taking charge of their own health.

One of my greatest influences has been the study of Tibetan medicine, with two Tibetan doctors in Italy: Dr. Phuntsok Thubten and Dr. Nida Chenagtsang.

Tibetan medicine has similarities to Aryuveda in its way of evaluating the constitution. Each person is evaluated according to wind, phlegm, or bile.

The “wind” person is usually slim and has a very nervous condition. He or she may talk a lot. Sometimes when the wind gets imbalanced, these people can’t sleep, or have insomnia.

The “phlegm” person, on the other hand, is slow moving, has a tendency to gain weight, takes time to do things, and likes to sleep a lot.

The “bile” person is usually of medium build, has a very sharp mind, speaks very clearly and is very decisive. However this person’s imbalances may show in anger. There are also other constitutions which are a combination of each of these three.

Ku Nye is a Tibetan body work which one also learns as part of Tibetan medicine. It is generally used for people who have a wind (Vata) imbalance and it has a very gentle and relaxing effect.

In today’s world it is very important to maintain a strong and balanced condition in the body. When physical health improves, the whole being is enhanced, body, mind and spirit.

Rochelle Hood has been practicing Shiatsu for 25 years. House calls can be arranged by appointment. For information and details call 212-877-0543, or e-mail at Rochelle@fifthkingdom.com.

by Rochelle Hood
Shiatsu practitioner.