Working with Spirit: Thoughts of Dorothy Davies

***image1***Are you aware of spirit? That is, do you walk and talk with your guide and angel and anyone else who comes close to you?

If not, take some tips from someone who does.

But first, let me define who we are talking about.

There are many levels of spirit people: there is the guide who chose to walk with you from the moment you arrived on this earth plane, there is the guardian angel who has attached themselves to you to guard you and protect you, literally, there is your doorkeeper, to keep out all unwanted entities and evil spirits when you meditate or work with spirit in any way, and there are companions, helpers of all kinds. Sometimes these are family members come back to be with you out of their great love, sometimes they are people you need to learn about and find out where they connect with you. My companions are people from my past lives, which is where we connect. I have learned a lot working with them, not only about their time — and consequently become a historian because of it — but about being with someone 24/7 too.

We all have the ability to talk with spirit and to hear them, if we are not busy saying ‘it’s all my imagination.’ That’s the easy way out! Of course it could be but then again, if the voices are saying something you would not normally think, then could it not be the influence of the guide or companion trying to help you?

That movement you saw from the corner of your eye, did you really see it? It’s very likely you did. That cold blast of air when there was no window or door open, did it really chill you? Very likely, spirit energy is mostly cold.

Having decided that yes, you are aware of spirit, how then do you work with your guide and others? Many people seem to have difficulty with this concept, of sharing their life with someone who is not on this side of the divide.

Actually it’s far easier than some ‘experts’ like to make out. There are many books on ‘being psychic’ and ’working with angels’ for example, but you do not need them. What you need is an accepting mind and heart and time to sit and listen to those who wish to speak to you.

The first step is always the hardest one: belief. First you need to believe that of all the people on this earth, that spirit wishes to speak to you. This belief gets harder when it happens to be a ‘famous’ person but they too are now just spirit and need to talk to someone at times! The second step is convincing yourself that it is not your imagination. This is easier, in some ways, because the person speaking to you is sure to say things you would not say yourself.

The third step is accepting that advice and following it. Then you will begin to see a way opening up for you, a clearing of boulders and rocks, a straightening of the pathway. You can call on your guide or companion or both for everyday things, you need not wait for the major decision making. In fact, they would rather work with you on a daily basis than wait for major catastrophes. Let me give you a small example: I have gastritis, inflamed stomach, which causes me endless problems when eating. If I listen to the people who ‘eat’ with me, I am usually all right. Recently the problem worsened, so I asked if my spirit doctor would confirm my suspicions, that an increase in coffee consumption had led to the current bad condition. My companion was gone all of three minutes, at a guess, coming back to confirm that it was indeed that, and I had to cut right back to maybe one cup a day. I am also advised when to stop eating, when they consider the stomach has enough to cope with. Provided I listen at all times, the condition is controllable. It only goes out of control when I follow a natural instinct to eat that which I should not — something tasty, mostly! — and not stay on the bland, almost tasteless diet I have to follow to remain pain-free.

A small thing, yet a big thing. When we live this close together, my guys (they are all men) are able to help me with larger problems as well as the every day ones. Companionship, love, laughter, comfort when needed (often!) it is there for me to just reach out and say ‘please.’

Open your heart and mind, allow those around you to come to you and work with you. Allow them to simply be with you. My guys go to ‘work’ each morning, after ensuring I am safely at my own work and they can leave me in the capable hands of the others who ‘take over’ when they are not there, they do rescue work, among other things, and then come back to be with me when I go to lunch. Should I send out an SOS in the meantime, for any reason, they come back to me immediately.

Working with spirit.

There is no better way of living a life. With their help I have grown wiser, more able to give to others on this side of life, more capable of sharing their wisdom with those who come to me for readings for advice. With their help I have learned to appreciate every day, no matter what it brings me.

I wish this for you, too, it is fulfilling and satisfying and the source of great peace and happiness.

I wish you all this, and more.

by Dorthy Davies
Dorothy Davies is a medium and writer who lives and works on a small island off the South Coast of England. Her main guide is a Mayan priest-king who uses the name Redwood, as his Mayan name is too difficult for most people to say. He taught her the art of divination and reading from stones. Full details can be found on Dorothy’s website She is always interested in helping others to live and work with Spirit.