A Life of Freedom or Bondage by Art Mason

Osho : “Beware of that. There are people who are attached to wealth and there are people who are attached to poverty. But it is the same attachment.”

The phenomenon of attachment is a very difficult concept for the western mind. In this quote above Osho discuss both wealth and poverty as being the same attachment. What does this mean? Understanding the Law of Attraction will help. First you will always get what your predominant thoughts are. If you think about bills, money and lack this is what you will create in your world. A great example of this are sales people who produce the same amount of commission in good times and in bad times. They make the amount they believe they are worth. Thus there point of attraction and their attachment.

I once worked in a area of our city that was poverty stricken. These people, most of the were multi-generationally poor. Why? Because this is what they believe they are worth and thus what they will attract into their lives. Those who break this cycle do so by changing their belief system and thus their lives.

The same is true for the rich. You also see much multi-generational wealth. Look at the Trump family as an example. It is because they are better people that they are rich? No, they simply have a different view of life and of themselves. Law of Attraction will provide the rest. So what is attachment?

Attachment comes when the object in question, money and wealth in this example, becomes and driving force in one’s life. There are millions and millions of poor people in the world who are very unhappy, but their are some who are extremely happy. The rich people fall into the same boat, they are both unhappy (the majority) and happy.

A poor person is attached to poverty when they are obsessed or driven by their poverty but do not really ever do anything about it. They gripe and complain about having no money, all the while wasting what they have and not looking for improvement in their lives. They believe they are victims of society and have been give a bum rap. The poverty conscious will lose sleep over their money problems.

The rich are no different. They have lots of money, but are obsessed that they might lose it someday (and they will this is called death). They worry and fret over their money and that someone is going to rip them off. They also lose sleep over their attachment. Either attachment is the same, both produce a sad life.

Now I do know one person who is very rich, not attached and very happy. But this is because he is ‘centered.’ He is a very spiritual man, a god loving and god centered man. If he were to lose his fortune he would smile and say, “time to rebuild!” He is not attached to either poverty or wealth. Thus he lives a life of joy.

Law of Attraction will say to be wealthy you must let go of your attachment to poverty (the way you think about money). When you do this your situation will change dramatically. However if you then become attached to wealth your life will still be miserable! What is the solution? Once again I am going to point you to meditation and calming the mind.

There is a madman running wild in your life. He or she is the untamed mind. Take charge and use the techniques we have discussed in the previous essays and quiet the mind. As the mind becomes calm and centered you will begin to feel joy. From joy and happiness you can create the life of your dreams.

We are truly what we think!

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by Art Mason
Art Mason is a full time martial arts teacher having founded "Art Mason's Peaceful Warriors' Martial Arts Institute" in 2000. Being concerned with the direction of martial arts in Canada he and his son's Curtis and Scott founded the eclectic martial art they teach call "Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido". He has been very fortunate to have studied with some of the best martial artists in the world. These include men such as Dr. Steve Stewart.Modern Martial Arts.Master Mason's martial art school, The Peaceful Warriors' specialized in teaching both children and adults this very effective system. They have been very successful in working with children with ADHD and autism. Their prime focus is on self improvement and self defense.