Arthur Molinary: Medium & Tutor At The College of Psychic Studies

Arthur MolinaryArthur Molinary has been with the College of Psychic Studies for over 20 years, during which time he has proved to be a highly gifted and extremely popular medium who is always in great demand.

Born in Gibraltar he speaks English and Spanish and has been psychic since childhood. Since living in England he has become a leading medium who has travelled and worked in Los Angeles, Hollywood and New York, as well as France, Spain, Morocco, Germany, Greece, Austria, Belgium , Cyprus and – of course – Gibraltar.

He has given readings to a large number of society people as well as many celebrities. He was the first medium to be allowed to give readings to “lifers” (prisoners in gaol for life sentence).

He has done a series for of programs for Granada TV called “Contact Molinary” and has been written about in a number of books including:

“The World of Psychism” by Murry Hope “If the Spirit Moves You” by Justine Picardie “Shalom my Love” by Sunny Ariel “How God is Influencing the World” by Col. Leo M. Brown “Apocalypse 1998” by Col. Leo M. Brown “Hunter Away” by Monty Brown “With a Smile and a Song…” by Kelly Richards

Arthur Molinary’s biography is entitled“The Little Boy Who Listened” by Ronald Hearn:

“Ronald shows how Arthur takes every one of his sitters on a journey — from initial doubt, fear and confusion to ultimate solace and reassurance as they are brought into contact with their loved ones in the afterlife.

In so doing, it opens up a window onto this passionate, sensitive and gifted man, and sheds light on the hidden, intricate workings of the medium’s mind. An extraordinary tribute to an extraordinary man.”

Arthur mainly works by tuning into a person’s aura in order to reach the Other World for communication.

He is always ready to accept a challenge and has become an expert in Tarot Reading, Mexican Candle Reading, Spanish Sand Reading and many other forms of divination.

He has worked with the police in connection with solving murders and is often requested to help in other fields. His honesty and integrity are guaranteed. (CPS)

For all private readings and consultations please contactReception.

Arthur’s agent (for professional projects only!) is Simon Beresford +44 (0)20 7341 9411.

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