Artist, Daniel Brian Holeman: Awaken Visions

Daniel Brian HolemanArtistic talent combined with life-long exploration of consciousness and devotion to self-realization has given Daniel B. Holeman an ability to depict uplifting and profound sacred imagery. His inspirational paintings have a strong impact and an uncanny affect on people. Many are deeply touched emotionally — sometimes brought to tears – and describe his paintings as the most beautiful pictures they have ever seen.

Daniel feels it is not so much the beauty as the place it stirs in people that they are responding to. He invites the viewer to dive into a deeper dimension of consciousness while viewing his paintings. The imagery stirs forgotten awareness of a place felt to be HOME — a warm, familiar and heartfelt state of mind — a welcome contrast to the day-to-day world we live in. His work has been used on TV and videos, book and CD covers, magazines, prints, posters, cards and the internet. See some samples of published works here .

Self-taught techniques include oil on canvas with airbrush touchup. The mandala works are pen and ink on paper, and then colored on computer. In recent years he has scanned his paintings into his computer and further manipulated his works and evolved new imagery.

At a young age Daniel had a profound spiritual awakening and experienced the nature of pure consciousness from which the manifested world is created. Since then his life has been about deepening that awareness and sharing it with others through art, lifestyle and conversation (with a few detours along the way). He is now offering spiritual advice and counseling to those interested.

His Website is a special world to explore and enjoy – a Domain of Beauty, Inspiration, Insight and Spiritual Awakening. In addition to the artwork, Awaken Visions is a haven for truth seekers, consciousness explorers and all who appreciate the joy found in living from the Heart. For more information see Spiritual Awakening .

Born and raised in San Jose, Daniel currently resides in San Rafael, California and is working on various projects including a new series of inspiring abstract oil paintings.

Also see Daniel’s Philosophy

Daniel offers Visions of Beauty, Truth and Inspiration and encourages all to join in the Earth’s Awakening. He is committed to bringing forth and environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on the planet as the guiding principle of our time. Daniel is also available to give talks and presentations about conscious living and living sustainably, as well as the artwork and what it is about. Inquire by E-mail .

Daniel says, “to sum up my philosophy I would state simply:

This is a closeup of the Heart Madala and Heart Constellation by Daniel Brian Holeman1) We are all the same One “consciousness” that can take itself to be anything – and thus we seem to be what we take ourselves to be (including taking ourselves to be separate people).

2) All that we experience in life is based on our interpretation. Our interpretation determines the nature of our existence. This goes deeper than just our surface thinking.

3) ALL suffering and unfulfillment is the result of faulty interpretation – of taking ourselves to be a somebody separate from others – separate from the One. Taking ourselves to be an identity different from our true nature. It is like believing you ARE the Halloween costume character you put on.

4) Therefore, having the broadest, truest angle of vision, the most accurate interpretation is wise. It is okay to be lost in the illusion, but our species is on a destructive path (ruining of our habitat, etc.) due to this getting out of hand. To continue Life as we know it on this planet we need to wake up and consciously create a better dream of life.


5) Truly realizing and abiding as one’s true nature (consciousness), the natural state, is the only way to accomplish this. All solution to all problems come from this awareness place.

6) The requirement for enlightenment is to make #5 one’s highest priority in life, above comfort, security, pleasure, etc. Then one will naturally attract the help and support one needs to wake up and stabilize in living that awakening. Stabilizing involves inquiring into and seeing all the ways in which one has avoided one’s true nature, all the programming and habits and fixations, including one’s very notion of being “separate”.

7) The clincher is this – No one outside you needs to change – only you. It is up to YOU! This may not make sense, but that is only because of the illusion of separation. It also makes it a whole lot easier as that is all you can change anyway, and it is actually distraction and avoidance to be fixated on what seems to need to change in others.

'Thus, I have found that the ONLY solution to the world’s and an individual’s struggle, suffering, or unfulfillment is true self-realization (enlightenment). All other approaches and “solutions” are pseudo and/or temporary and are of the realm of hidden programming, which goes deeper than people realize. All those beings throughout history who have truly self-realized have said the same things – among those things that we are in a state of illusion which is so profound that even our notion of separateness is illusion; that the answer to life’s woes is through Truth – which inevitably leads to self-realization – the conscious awakeness. The conscious is always present behind the illusion. It is not “attained”, it is what is always there and comes forth when the illusion is busted. All are now invited to wake up from the Dream. “

With Love, Daniel

"I have listened to many teachers and I have checked in to my own experience and my innermost being to validate, or not; what is said. It is my experience that we are all of the same oneness, and that our "separateness" is indeed an illusion; that this illusion is vast and pervasive and seems very real; that the stronger we indulge in the illusion the more egoic we act, the more ignorant we are and that all suffering we experience is in some way a result of this complex illusion. The illusion is a distortion of the Truth, which is always present behind the illusion and That is all of our One true nature - pure consciousness." - Daniel Brian Holeman