“Awakened Women Igniting Global Transformation” by Vikki Hanchin, LCSW

This small booklet, “Awakened Women Igniting Global Transformation,” is making its way across America, hand-to-heart. Readers are inspired to pass along the amazing evidence documented by Vikki Hanchin, LCSW, of an historic, grassroots, global movement of awakening women, who are becoming catalysts for transforming the world.

Countless women are waking up to their feminine power, recognizing that thisimbalanced world needs what women have: compassion, nurturing, intuition, wisdom, interconnection, deep listening, and heart-based action that can sometimes look like a mother bear protecting cubs.

This booklet highlights stories and evidence of the impact that these awakening women are having globally, in ways large and small, from the women’s peace movement in Liberia that ended their country’s civil war, to weekly conference calls in the U.S. with visionary women that are mobilizing thousands of women to activate their feminine power to co-create a new world that works for all.

The booklet also includes new research on the female brain, and the “girl effect” discovered through micro-lending programs; as well as responses from male leaders– both cultural and religious– to this transformative emergence of the Feminine.

Vikki’s collaborative work to create “Awakening Women Cafés” as a way to gather wisdom from local women, to connect local voices to this global movement, is also reported. These Cafés are further considered as a mechanism for accelerating this global movement of awakening women.

“Awakened Women Igniting Global Transformation” is available at Vikki’s website,www.wholepersonwholeplanet.com.

by Vikki Hanchin, LCSW
Victoria (Vikki) Hanchin, LCSW, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, wholistic psychotherapist, visionary activist, workshop facilitator, speaker, word-smith and bridge-builder, and mother of two sons. In her role as a word-smith and bridge-builder, Vikki writes integrative articles that find a common language connecting ancient spiritual wisdom with modern science and understanding. She has researched the fields of conscious human evolution, quantum physics and human consciousness, positive psychology, and ancient spiritual/wisdom traditions, and discovered that they are all saying the same thing: we are at the transformation point in human consciousness on the planet now. Her intent is to assist the great awakening of our time through expanding our understanding of what it means to be fully human, and through reclaiming the feminine, right-brain aspects of consciousness and life values.