Castor Oil- Palma Christi: Uses and Benefits by Dr. Norm Shealy

In September 1972, I was introduced to the Edgar Cayce readings, undoubtedly the most studied material channeled by an exceptionally talented intuitive. The concept that most intrigued me initially was Cayce’s recommendation of castor oil packs for a wide variety of problems. Dr. William McGarey of the A.R.E. Clinic in Phoenix has written extensively on clinical results. These include:

Five drops of castor oil orally each morning to control allergies. Puncture wounds, cuts and bruises heal rapidly when rubbed with castor oil. Prevention of pregnancy stretch marks when abdomen is rubbed with castor oil during the last two months of pregnancy. Rapid healing of a sprained ankle wrapped overnight in castor oil. Marked reduction in tinnitus and hearing loss by applying castor oil drops in the ears. Rapid healing of hepatitis using daily castor oil packs. Clearing of cataracts with one drop of castor oil in each eye at bedtime. Healing of a pilonidal cyst after castor oil packs. Clearing of brown skin aging spots with castor oil plus baking soda. Relief of severe eye allergies by rubbing eyelids with castor oil at bedtime. Relief of low back pain with one week of castor oil packs. Relief of chronic diarrhea with abdominal castor oil packs. Clearing of vocal cord nodes and hoarseness with castor oil packs daily on the neck for three months. Complete clearing of tinnitus with 6-8 drops of castor oil orally each day for four weeks. Clearing of hyperactivity with abdominal castor oil packs. Removal of a wart after four weeks of application of castor oil. Resolution of a calcium deposit from the sole of the foot with daily castor oil massage. Clearing of skin cancer with castor oil plus baking soda. Clearing of snoring after two weeks of abdominal castor oil packs. Rapid clearing of a bee sting by application of castor oil. Increased hair growth with daily scalp massage with castor oil twenty minutes before shampooing. Clearing of nail fungus after four months of castor oil packs on the nail.

All of these are from: My personal experience has been:

Marked reduction of swelling of the knee in a number of patients who wrapped the knee in a castor oil cloth overnight. Excellent and rapid relief of acute abdominal pain with acute intestinal ”flu.” Healing of deep wounds on the pastern of horses. Rapid recovery from viral infections with castor oil baths or suits.

Castor Oil PackCastor Oil Packs

Cayce recommended white wool flannel but even old cotton flannel works well or in a pinch, use Kleenex. Soak in castor oil and place over the entire abdomen, especially the liver area (or around a joint, over neck, etc). Cover with plastic. Best to wrap plastic wrap around the body to absorb leaking of castor oil. Cover with a towel and use a warm heating pad for one hour and/or leave on overnight without the heating pad.

Castor Oil Bath

Fill the tub with pleasantly warm water (102 to 104 degrees F). Step in and rub castor oil over the entire body (4 to 8 oz.). Soak 20 to 30 minutes. Use an inexpensive shampoo and rub every part of the body liberally with the shampoo. Wash the entire inside of the tub well. Be certain there is no feeling of slipperiness before and after you empty the tub. Rub your hands on the bottom of the tub to be certain it is not slippery before you stand to dry off.

Castor Oil Suit – At Least as Effective as the Castor Oil Bath

Rub castor oil liberally over the entire body up to the neck, including arms and legs. Put on an Old pair of sweat pants and shirt or long Johns and socks and sleep in them overnight. You may reuse the suit three to four nights before washing it. It will never lose all the oil so you won’t be able to use the suit for anything other than a castor oil suit. Store the suit in a plastic bag with a few drops of lavender oil.

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