Transforming 4th Dimensional Bodies into 5th Dimensional Beings: Finding the Portal/Gap to Bring about Transformation by Bear Walker

I was blessed to grow up with the master of ancient wisdom my grandfather, an Anishanabe Elder. His simple wisdom and insight were a huge part of my early training and he never tired of my constant questions.  I learned of the sacred teachings of the Medwiwins in the Anishanabe tribe. The closest name or word for Medwiwin in today’s language would be Shaman. So my beloved Grandfather taught me the ancient ways of the medicine wheel which are the basis of all our teachings.  The medicine wheel was a gift from Great Spirit to our tribe. From the earliest time we used the wheel to mark time and honor the four directions and the four elements; fire, earth, water, and wind/air. From these ways we find our balance.

In the moment

In addition to English, my grandfather had difficulty understanding time. He never wore a watch, and was never on time. He couldn’t get the concept of time for money, ten dollars for an hours work. But “in the moment” was a sacred concept.

It had to do with being inside of the center of time. It had to do with slowing the speed of time down, and going into the gap. We also honored what he called a golden moment. We would often meet at sunrise sitting in the silence waiting for the first spark of light, and I still remember the magic feeling of the golden moment. We would sit there on a rock overlooking the water. As the sun slowly but magnificently rose, we were in the center of the golden moment. We could feel the vibration, see the color, smell the crisp power, hear the complete silence and taste the sweetness of the golden dew.

Bear WalkerNo matter where I have traveled since, and I have traveled all over this amazing earth, the beauty of the concept of the golden moment has always been a part of everything I do. You are probably asking by now, what does all this have to do with transformation from the 4th to 5th dimension. Well, I will tell you.

First, let’s be clear on what I mean by 4th dimensional bodies. We all know what the 3 dimensions are right; height, width, and depth. You know, 3D people. The fourth dimension is the experience of time or maybe better said ‘the illusion of time’. But then again maybe all of the four dimensions are illusions!

After my first 18 years of being with my grandfather and his simple but profound ancient teachings, I started training with some of the most advanced teachers in the world, specializing in cellular biology and quantum physics.

My studying took me from northern Michigan to Toronto, then Pittsburg, ending up at NASA working with computers that interface with our body, reading the electrical impulses that our bodies put off (galvanic skin resistance) and transferring these impulses to binary codes that computers understand.

From The Quantum Perspective

Bodies are made of cells. Cells break down to energy, waves and particles. In simple terms:

  • everything is made of atoms,
  • atoms are made of energy
  • energy comes from consciousness.

All energy starts in the center. Whether we speak about zero point gravity, quantum atomic potential, or being in the moment, the power is in the center of the wheel and you can get to the center by slowing everything down. You can move from a 4th dimensional experience to a 5th dimensional transformation by slowing it down. Deepok Chopra uses the word “the gap.” This is also an ancient teaching of the Vedic masters. It’s in the gap, at the center of the wheel, that we connect with unlimited potentiality. So many of you have had that experience. For me, it was the golden moment I described earlier. It can happen gardening, during yoga, or even driving. You might say something like, where did the time go or wow how did I get here. You went out of 4th dimension illusions into 5th dimension potentiality. It is amazing!

Over my many years of practice I have seen people helped by various incredible remedies, herbal medicine, proper nutrition, special diet, and so on. I am now and will continue to be an advocate for all of these. However, I firmly believe that the future of medicine will be in the aiding of all people to connect to the 5th dimension. By doing so, we will activate and accelerate our DNA to take us where we were created to go. I have compared where we are now to having a Lamborghini and driving it around in first gear while applying the break. The 5th dimension transformation is putting the car in 5th gear with the pedal to the metal, so to speak.

We are magnificent powerful beings! Let us awaken to the power we were meant to have. It has been said many times that we are in the age of information. Let’s take that word apart ‘in form’, or ‘holding form’ is 4th dimension. We now are moving into the age of inspiration or ‘in spirit’, 5th dimension. What an amazing time this will be! Let all of us use our power from our centers to move into these sacred times!

A special thanks to Makenzie Walker, my daughter, for her excellent typing skills.


-Muckwa Mousa

Bear Walker

Bear Walker: Native American Healer and Spiritualist

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