Dreams, Visions, & Realities Premieres on Link TV by Megan McFeely

Where does your consciousness “go” at night when you sleep? For many Western psychologists, dreaming provides an opportunity for the rational mind to encounter its unconscious intuitions, associations and inner guidance–an awareness not easily accessible during our highly-structured “awake” lives.

For many indigenous cultures, dreaming is a way of being that is always informed by a spiritual presence. In the Aboriginal concept of “The Dreaming”, all life exists within a state that blends past, present and future simultaneously. In this Global Spirit program, host Phil Cousineau presents different interpretations and domains of dreaming–blending recent scientific discoveries from an American dream specialist with rare insights on the native wisdom of “The Dreamtime” by an Australian Aboriginal elder.

This program features Yidumduma Bill Harney, an Aboriginal elder, master storyteller, painter, and highly-respected Wardaman Dreamtime authority, and Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, a dream specialist explains how the dreamer’s symbols and archetypes can reveal the hidden intelligence within a dream, or what he calls: “Nature’s dreaming.” You can watch the full program at www.globalspirit.tv.

ON SATELLITE TV- Link TV is available on DIRECTV channel 375 and Dish Network channel 9410 and on select cable stations ( www.linktv.org/reception). Re-broadcast on Link this Thursday, January 26th at 8:00pm Pacific; 11:00pm Eastern. Links: Our FB page is: www.facebook.com/#!/GlobalSpiritTV Our website: www.globalspirit.tv YouTube: Counterfeit images and the take-over of young minds Painting Talking Story Dreaming The Sound of Creation Time BIOS: Image result for bill yidumduma harneyYidumduma Bill Harney is a master storyteller, songman, didgeridoo player/maker, painter, and writer. All of his art forms have the deepest roots in the celebration of his Wardaman Aboriginal heritage and his unique ability to “walk in both worlds,” as a successful Aboriginal businessman, actively working to win the traditional lands back to continue the education of his grandchildren, and sharing his culture with hundreds of world visitors to his art sites. Bill grew up in the “Bush University,” undergoing the fullest Wardaman ceremonial traditions and education, and he is the last fully initiated male custodian of his people. Bill has been formally acknowledged as one of “Australia’s living national treasures.” Stephen Aizenstat is Chancellor and founding president of Pacifica Graduate Institute, a private graduate school offering programs in psychology and mythological studies. He is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, a Marriage and Family Therapist, and a credentialed public school teacher. Stephen has conducted dreamwork seminars for more than 35 years throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. He’s the author of “Dream Tending: A Master of Dreamwork Shows How to Awaken the Power of the Living Dream to Transform Your Relationships, Career, Health and Spirit.” Stephen is also actively involved in the United Nations’ Earth Charter Project.

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by Megan McFeely
Link TV is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as a free, basic service in the 31 million U.S. homes that have satellite television. Original Link productions like our Global Spirit series are offered to local public television stations and cable outlets in urban areas, such as CUNY-TV in New York City, and LA36 in Los Angeles, reaching more than 14 million additional households in 53 communities. www.GlobalSpirit.tv. DREAMS, VISIONS & REALITIES will premiere on Link TV on Sunday, January 22nd, at 6:00pm Pacific / 9:00pm Eastern...