Here Comes The Sun by Michael Brown

Even though this insight has been with me for many years, it only feels appropriate to share it now. This is possibly because what in the past may have appeared as far-fetched, or as unrelated to our current human experience, is now fast becoming a digestible reality. And, even though I have waited many years to put this insight down in writing, I am still preempting the larger events that will fully validate the immensity of the circumstances fortold here. For those of you that are emotionally sensitive and aware, this information will be both confirmational and integrative. For those of you for whom this is news, this information will serve to prepare you to respond instead of react to the inevitable events upon our collective experiential horizon.

Within a very short period of time our sun is going to make the headlines. Discussions once kept for dedicated astronomy groups will enter the hallowed halls of broadcasting outlets like CNN (phonetically pronounced “see an end”) and other mainstream media. Predictably, because these points of observation only discuss our human experience by commenting on “effects”, and therefore remain ignorant to the causal point of our collective experience, they will inevitably discuss the increasingly strange and unpredictable behavior of our sun in a manner that causes mass fear. Ignorance, and the consequential “ineffectual” analysis it initiates, always causes fear. To believe that our sun would at any point attempt to “hurt us” is to believe that drug dealers are in some way responsible for drug addiction, or that politicians have the capacity to empower people.

During the forthcoming period of our human experience the sun is going to behave in a manner that is both unpredictable and unprecedented. We are going to see an increase in sunspot activity and consequential ejection of solar flares. These flares will impact our planet with such intensity that it will be impossible to ignore. There will be a wide range of consequences, some of them being:

On a physical level this will cause much discomfort and inconvenience to humanities assumption that it is in control of God. Our power grids will shut down, often for days, our near earth orbiting satellites will be damaged, or have to be shut down to prevent damage, and many of our communication systems like cell phones and the internet will experience disruptions. This activity has already commenced; those of you paying attention will have noticed such occurrences taking place in the first week or two of December 2006, especially with our planetary communication systems. The weather will also become increasingly and fiercely unpredictable. This too is now a reality. On a mental level this will cause confusion within our thought processes; it will be hard to “think straight”, to communicate with each other clearly, and even to understand concepts that once appeared straight-forward. Linear-thinking will appear to fail us and logic to miss the mark. We will also experience interference in our memory faculties (short and long term). On an emotional level we will experience waves of unexpected fear, anger, and grief. People who for the most part appear quiet, sedate, and controlled in their behavior, will become unpredictable. Unexpected emotional outbursts by public figures will become the norm. (These are already happening.) We will feel overwhelmed by emotional states indescribable to us. Emotional conflicts will escalate exponentially between individuals, groups, and countries. Pharmaceuticals that block authentic emotional states will become increasingly popular. On a vibrational level we may feel “spiritually disconnected” or increasingly aware, depending where our point of focus is anchored.

The media, and all within our human family transfixed by “effects”, will have their focus primarily on the above physical consequences of the sun’s increasing activity. Because their reaction to these circumstances will be unintegrated and therefore uninformed, this will incite fear. People will consider building underground bunkers and shelters to hide from the sun. Certain governments are already aware of this forthcoming solar cycle and you can be sure movements are underway to build underground facilities in hopes that certain select communities may outlive this imminent solar cleansing.

There is nowhere to hide because nothing is chasing us but ourselves.

For the most part our human family will struggle to make a connection between the escalating sunspot activity and the consequential waves of discomfort within our physical, mental, emotional, and vibrational fields. The intent of this article is therefore to preempt these circumstances in a manner that empowers is by providing some simple insight into what is unfolding, how this impacts us personally, and what steps we can take to consciously respond to this solar cleansing. Integrating this information will decrease our fear, empower us to move consciously in sync with this extraordinary event, and thus, through our individual example, to assist others in our field of experience.

The best way to accomplish the intent of this article is to present a play-by-play account of what will unfold as the sun increasingly wipes the slate clean with its solar flares. We shall begin with the sun and work our way inward from there.

A MASS CORONAL EJECTION OCCURS FROM SUNSPOT ACTIVITY THAT IS AIMED DIRECTLY AT EARTH: To begin with, the sun is not “the cause” of anything; the sun is an effect of activity coming from a deeper vibrational level of existence. The sun is “energy in motion” (e-motion), and in this respect is the emotional center of our solar system. The sun is an externalization of our collective and individual human heart center. It is the Heart Chakra of the family within our solar system. When it becomes active it means there is communication coming from the vibrational realm. Just as our heart center is the portal through which we communicate to and receive information from our vibrational field, the sun is this for the entire living entity that we call “our solar system”. The perspective that “our sun is doing this to us” is therefore incorrect. Once upon a time we believed the sun orbited the earth, and then we awoke to the reality that the earth orbits the sun.

For a long time we have also believed that the sun is the causal point of life on earth. Now it is time to realize that the sun simply transmits information, like a portal, from the vibrational causal point of all life. The information it transmits enables us to move “in formation” with the vibrational intent Life has for our solar system. When we are unaware of the sun’s activity, when we are ignorant of its cycles, we cannot integrate the intent of the pulse of Life within our solar system. Many cultures on earth understand this, though not with as much clarity as we are now about to.

Most cultures only get as far as perceiving the sun as the causal point of their experiences; we are now entering a transformation in consciousness in which we are invited to embrace an even deeper awareness than this: That the sun is merely “a portal” into the causal point of all life. It is therefore a perceptual error to claim that “the sun is trying to hurt us”. To believe this is the same as believing the sun is actually moving from east to west across our sky. The sun, like a radio or television set, does nothing of its own accord; it is a neutral system of communication that has to be activated from the vibrational realm to behave in any manner at all. When the sun exhibits a coronal mass ejection that is directed at planet earth, this means information is deliberately being delivered to us from the vibrational realm. When we go into fear we close ourselves off from this transmission and are therefore unable to digest what is being communicated.

FOLLOWING A SOLAR FLARE, GEOMAGNETIC STORMS ARE ACTIVATED: Within a short period, usually about two days after the mass coronal ejection is seen on the surface of the sun, the earth experiences geomagnetic storms. It is at this juncture that the physical consequences of the solar event impact us. This can range from satellite damage to disruption in communication and power systems, from unprecedented weather activity to volcanic and earthquake activity. The earth is blasted by radiation (like we do to cancer cells during chemotherapy) and this is visible as auroras; light shows showering the earth from the northern hemisphere. This event is also known as The Northern Lights, and in scriptural prophecy, as “lights in the sky”. Because our outer technological advances now override any intent to develop internal communication systems (insight and intuition) we now rely totally on the telephone instead of telepathy. We also rely completely on the internet over and above the inner infinite wisdom of universal mind. The telephone is telepathy externalized, just as the internet is universal mind externalized.

There is no problem in the externalization of these inner capacities; it when we become addicted to their externalized forms in a manner that wipes out all awareness of their inner causal cores that we enter very unbalanced and self-destructive experiences. These specific perceptual imbalances, among many others, will be restored during the solar cleanse we now face. As outer communications are disrupted and break down we either awaken to, and begin utilizing and trusting our internal equivalents, or we lose touch completely. The consequences of loosing touch completely are that we make choices that are self-destructive. We have also settled in collective masses upon certain places upon the earth, driven by selfish profit margins and mental justification, in a manner that is completely ignorant of the nature of the earth as a living being. This is one of the reasons why we cannot hear the communications coming to us from the vibrational; we have plugged the earth’s senses with concrete just as we have plugged our own with outer noise, distraction, and physical addiction.

These circumstances are about to be re-aligned with sudden earthly shifts, shrugs, and waves of unexpected weather and water. If we “listen” we will be informed that we are to move prior to such events. If we are living in an unbalanced externalized manner, through cell phones or inside computer games, it is unlikely we will perceive these inner communications. None of the physical consequences of the solar flares are intended to hurt us; we are already doing this to ourselves. The physical consequences of solar flares are the bitter pill the child of God must swallow because it is experiencing a state of self-inflicted dis-ease. The sun’s activity will only disrupt “our personal agendas”. When we awaken to the Graceful vibrational intent of this solar activity, we will be grateful this portal is available to be used in this manner so that light may be brought to our ignorance and necessary obstacles to our arrogance.

There is nothing we can or need do now about the physical adjustments that are to come and that are already unfolding across planet earth. If we attempt to enter the experience at this reactionary level we will enter fear (interfere). The planet does not need to be “saved by us”, nor do we need to “save or be saved by anybody else”. All that is required is an adjustment in our awareness at the causal point of our current experiences. Make this adjustment and enter “the flow”.

WITHIN DAYS OF THE GEOMAGNETIC ACTIVITY WE EXPERIENCE INCREASING WAVES OF MENTAL CONFUSION AND EMOTIONAL OUTBURSTS: This activity will continue and intensify for up to 3 weeks after each solar flare impacts the earth. It is within this realm of our experience that we have a capacity to respond to and thus work with the solar cleanse. What we may not yet realize is that there is a direct relationship between the geomagnetic storms initiated by the solar flares and the functioning of our individual and collective memory banks. This is why we initially experience mental confusion after these storms; a condition in which that which appears clear to us — that which we once remembered or recalled — enters a state of turbulence. Yet, it goes deeper than this: Our memory works on magnetics; we attract memories we like, need, and that are useful to us, and we repel memories that we do not like, don’t want to experience, and that cause us fear, anger, and grief. We have all become masters at selective memory; at suppressing certain memories to the point that we are not even aware we have them. And this is not all: Because we have become such mental beings, many of the causal memories that are responsible for imprinting our emotional body with dysfunctional patterns are no longer consciously available to us because they are contained purely as energetic signatures.

We cannot read or identify these causal memories because they have no concepts attached to them, and so we place them in “file 13”; as useless information that appears to have no bearing on our current life experience. Also, because our emotional body awareness (felt-perception) is for the most part shut down, we do not have the means to consciously interact with these causal memories even if we want to. (This predicament is what THE PRESENCE PROCESS addresses and empowers us to overcome.) However, just because these memories are not consciously accessible to us, it does not mean that they are not impacting our life experience 24 hours a day; all our behaviors that are characterized by need and want, by selfishness, by projections of fear, anger and grief, are being triggered directly by these causal memories.

Our world experience is in a state of conflict because we, as a collective humanity, are driven unconsciously to behave reactively towards each other and our environment by these suppressed and inaccessible memories. The behaviors triggered by these memories, which are transferred from generation to generation via childhood emotional imprinting, are responsible for all wars, religious conflict, pollution, crime, and every aspect of human dysfunction. Our current failing is that, because for the most part we lack emotional body awareness, we do not have the capacity to perceive this predicament individually or collectively. Consequently, we behave as if the causal point of our current circumstances and experiences lie within the mental and physical parameters of our experience; we actually think that if we can change the way we think, or rearrange our current physical circumstances through force and technology, that we can restore balance. It is this specific misconception, this perceptual virus, the solar cleanse comes to address.

This moment of impending Grace for humanity, which is what this forthcoming solar activity is, has been foreseen and foretold by our Seers for centuries. However, when they tried to explain it to their communities, they were misunderstood because humanity can only comprehend anything according to the parameters of its current personal experience. This is why THE PRESENCE PROCESS is such an important tool; it widens the parameters of our personal experience so that we can experientially comprehend the following sequence of events:

Entering unconscious behavior is inevitable in this dense realm of matter and so the vibrational realm sets up cyclic opportunities for all within this experience to periodically undergo a cleanse of perception and the consequential reawakening to vibrational awareness this cleansing activity triggers. This procedure actually unfolds internally, but all who have their awareness physically externalized and are thus addicted to believing the physical aspect of experience to be the causal point of life perceive these events as happening “out there”. The reality is that what appears to be taking place “out there” upon the sun is simultaneously taking place within the individual and collective human heart chakra. The vibrational realm triggers these sequence of perceptual cleansing events by transmitting an intent to cleanse illusion to the sun. In our solar system, and in our externalized experience, this transmission is then witnessed by us as sudden explosive behavior by our the sun; as sun spots that eject flares directed at or near to earth. These flares, among other things, impact earth’s magnetic field causing geomagnetic storms. Because the individual and collective human magnetic field is inseparable from the earth’s magnetic field, a geomagnetic storm brews upon the face of the earth and simultaneously within the heart chakra of individual and collective human consciousness. This activity short-circuits our individual and collective ability to be selective about what memories we choose to acknowledge and what memories we choose to suppress. This causes deeply suppressed memories to begin surfacing within our conscious awareness; memories more ancient than any current historical record. Because our awareness is addictively externalized, we do not perceive these surfacing memories as “pictures in our heads”, but rather as activity “outside of us” that causes increasing discomfort; these memories surface as escalating outer conflict and circumstances in our world experience that cause us fear, anger, and grief. Because our emotional body awareness is shut down we initially perceive and interact with these surfacing memories as “a sense of mental confusion”. When we attempt to suppress these surfacing memories in any way, which we do reactively through course of habit, our body is physically impacted. This resistance causes an inner friction which manifests heat. It gets as hot as hell. Accordingly, within three weeks of solar flare activity there is an increase in heart ailments and strokes which are accompanied by individuals exhibiting extreme emotional outburst. It is also during this period that elderly people suddenly enter chronic states and die. It is also during this period that people who are by all accounts healthy suddenly manifest unexpected symptoms of disease. Most people cannot perceive that their sudden experience of outer conflict or bodily discomfort is a reflection of their suddenly increased sensitivity to the authentic condition of their own emotional body. Though reflected as various states of outer conflict, or as mental confusion, or as sudden eruptions of disease within one’s own body, the real identity of the deeply suppressed memories that are surfacing are not any of these; they are the emotional signature underlying all these experiences. In other words, energies within the emotional body that have been blocked, suppressed, or functioning dysfunctionally, are triggered directly by solar flares so that they can enter our conscious awareness and be compassionately integrated. Conscious integration of these previously unseen emotional dysfunctions gradually neutralizes the destructive behavior that is at the causal point of all individual and collective human conflict. Those who cannot integrate these surfacing energetic signatures either experience a breakdown in their physical body, to the point that their consciousness can no longer remain within it, or they react self-destructively to the outwardly reflected memories and enter combat with the illusions these surfacing emotional signatures reflect upon their outer experiences. This is what conflict is. In this manner, either through disintegration of the body, or through entering self-destructive conflict with others, all who are living from a point of illusion (being driven unconsciously by unintegrated memories) and cannot resurrect themselves from their delusionary behavior are deliberately and systematically removed from the play of human experience. Seers from our past and present civilizations have prophesized that in this manner it is possible we shall witness between one and two thirds of the earth’s population removed by reactive projections to this cleanse; namely, by disease and conflict. Those who respond consciously to the solar cleanse by taking responsibility for their experiences, by cleansing their emotional body so that they maintain mental clarity and physical presence, will be delivered through this shift into a state of a Being upon earth in which we once again collectively acknowledge the vibrational realm as the causal point of all life. This is how The Golden Age is always initiated; not through accomplishment of human technology, nor by the filling of the human brain with ideas and concepts, and nor by dissecting the physical world to try and understand how it works.

The Golden Age is always initiated by solar flares (gold in color) energetically cleansing the generational dysfunctions within us that breed perceptual error.

What this means is that it doesn’t matter whether we are rich or poor, well-educated or not, have status in society or not, and consider ourselves “spiritual” or not. Nor does it matter whether we are Asian, Indian, African, European, or America. Nor does it matter whether we are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or atheist. Nor does it matter whether we are democrat, republican, communist, or green party. Nor does it matter whether we are tinker, tailor, soldier, or sailor. None of our pretences and none of our beliefs about ourselves and about what we think God is can save us from having to face the authentic condition of our own hearts.

The only response that can deliver us through and beyond this experience is honesty: being honest with ourselves about the authentic condition of our own hearts.

We may believe we can continue to hide parts of ourselves from the world, yet, like God, the sun does not care what we believe. This solar cleanse favors only that which is real; that which has authenticity, integrity, and which is able to become as naked and vulnerable as a child so that innocent intimacy with all of creation is reestablished.

There is also no point seeking shelter from this solar cleanse, for if we are in a human body, we come equipped with a personal magnetic field, and this magnetic field is intimately connected to the earth’s magnetic field, and the earth’s magnetic field responds precisely to the transmissions emitted through the sun. No matter how deeply we dig into the earth, we are still upon the earth. Trying to hide from this experience is like trying to hide from the beating of our own heart, or from our breath, or from the blood that runs through our veins; such reactive behavior is futile.

There are many ways to react fearfully to this predicament, and we shall witness them all unfolding and escalating upon this planet. Yet, there is only one conscious response: To metaphorically turn and face the sun, listen, and absorb. In other words, to metaphorically turn inward and face the authentic condition of our heart, to listen to it, and to absorb the fear, anger, and grief we have hidden from ourselves within this place. Like the sun, our heart speaks to us through our discomfort. It says, “Resist the surfacing discomfort within you and you will burn up in the heat of the consequential friction created by such reactive behavior. Rather face the discomfort and ask: ‘What are you telling me, teach me to listen?’.”

When we open ourselves to this experience, when we work responsibly with our emotional discomforts with the intent to integrate all surfacing unconsciousness, we also discover that, like the impulses coming from within our heart center, these solar transmissions are imbedded with profound insight and information. They activate us; the rays emitted from our sun as solar flares “enlighten” us just as the release of suppressed emotional states do.

This imminent solar cleanse is a beautiful reflection of what is happening within the very core of our being, individually and collectively.

If our heart is blocked, God’s words appear as pain. When we hold onto the past, those that would free us appear as devils. When we open our hearts, the very same transmissions become hymns deliberately sung to awaken our souls from a long, cold, and lonely winter. And the hymns tell us, “Little darling, everything is alright.”

Also, before we naively buy into any abstract superstitions passed down to us from ancient cultures, let us remember that everything we have observed about any civilization that came before us has been “a record of their decent into ignorance”. We do not know anything about the Egyptians at their peak, nor about the Toltecs, Mayans, or Aztecs at their peak. We only think we do.

We can only perceive the nature of a civilization at their peak when we view it from our peak; we have not yet peaked.

Once civilizations enter this repeated cycle of solar cleansing, which some say happens every 13 000 years, those that respond consciously to such a moment ascend into dimensions of being incomprehensible to physically transfixed beings. Such ascended beings metaphorically “rise up” and leave in their wake those individuals that make it through the solar cleanse but do not have the capacity to “rise to the occasion”. These left-over populations continue on and live within the shadow of “what once was but is now gone”. These surviving remnants are the groups of people who are discovered by civilizations yet again on the rise. This was the condition in which the Spaniards discovered the Mayans and in which the British and French discovered the Native Americans. These surviving groups from ancient civilizations still hold remnants of the knowledge of the solar cleanse, but because of the denseness of the physical world they inevitably resort to behaving as if the “physical experience is the causal point of life”; hence this knowledge once again becomes externalized and encased in outer ritual and ceremony. They then mistakenly believe in “The Sun God”, instead of “The Son of God” we all are. Consequently, the Mayans left over from their Ascended Ancestors rip the hearts out of their people to honor The Sun God so that life will continue. They become lost in the metaphor which they ignorantly externalize into physical ritual.

The sun is not asking us to rip hearts out of living people so that we may have life; as a portal of vibrational communication, it is transmitting the message that we must without delay look deeply into, and take responsibility for, the condition of our own hearts while we are still alive in the body, so that we may consciously cleanse the energetic blockages that are preventing us from realizing that the vibrational aspect of our experience is the causal point of all life.

Once we realize this Truth experientially, we know that what we are can never die; then we are reborn into a conscious awareness of eternal life. The sun is not trying to hurt us; do not believe the keepers of “destination consciousness” – those that can only “see an end”. Do not react to the fear of ignorance; rather respond to the Grace that now increasingly showers humanity from the vibrational core of all that is Life. Feel what is real and heal.

Take your heart out from where you have hidden it while you are still alive and do the inner work that you may be blessed with the awareness of your authentic self. Make this sacrifice upon the ancient altar of your own experience so that your awareness may transcend the limitations of matter and enter the unlimited dance of immortality-consciousness.

It is crucial we develop a conscious relationship with the sun before the media starts playing on and feeding off our current unconscious relationship with it. This is easy to accomplish. Bookmark as “Favorites” the following two websites:

Solar Activity Monitor –

This site is very useful because it gives us a quick graded intensity report on daily solar and geomagnetic activity. At a glance we can see what is “up” with the sun. If there is something happening and we require more details about it in a language we can understand, we can then go to:

Space Weather –

This website has short articles about all current space weather conditions written in ordinary human language, plus wonderful pictures. If there is a massive solar flare on its way, this site keeps us informed and covers some of the many physical consequences of such an occurrence.

By monitoring the sunspot activity, the subsequent solar flares and geomagnetic storms, and then our own corresponding physical, mental, and emotional activity, we begin to see “a pattern of consequences”. This empowers us to know that this is not something “happening to us that we have no control over”, or “that this doesn’t have anything to do with our daily life experience”. We are all intimately connected to each other, to this earth, to the sun, and to the vibrational causal point from which all the currents of life arise. No amount of applied sun-block lotion changes this.


Here comes the sun,

here comes the sun,

and I say it’s all right Little darling,

it’s been a long cold lonely winter

little darling,

it feels like years since its been here

here comes the sun,

here comes the sun and I say

it’s all right Little darling,

the smiles returning to the faces

little darling,

it seems like years since it’s been here

here comes the sun,

here comes the sun and I say

it’s all right

Sun, sun, sun,

here it comes…

Little darling,

I feel that ice is slowly melting

little darling,

it seems like years since its been clear

here comes the sun,

here comes the sun,

and I say it’s all right Its all right

-George Harrison

We are only as responsible for our experience as we choose to be. In this same light, we are also only as free as the level of responsibility we choose.

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