Holding a Butterfly–an Experiment in Miracle-Making by Lynn Woodland

Have you been noticing more frequent serendipities? Do you feel on the verge of something? You may have already sent these experiences back through time to yourself by reading this book!

Holding a Butterfly–an Experiment in Miracle-Making by Lynn Woodland“Holding a Butterfly–an Experiment in Miracle-Making is about consciousness, time, quantum science and God, all woven into a series of practical, personal experiments in miracle-making. It goes far beyond current teachings on the law of attraction and sheds light on why popular techniques for having whatever we want don’t work as predictably as advertised. Holding a Butterfly will sweep you up in a collaborative experiment that pushes all the boundaries of human potential. It’s sure to boggle your mind, touch your heart and forever change reality as you’ve known it.

What can you personally expect from this book? Be open to no less than the fulfillment of your dreams–just don’t expect the expected! Miracles awaken us to dreams we never thought to dream before, things our heart has always longed for but our minds have never known how to name, and these may compel you to leave predictability behind. Curious? Come join the experiment–it may just change your life!”

What is The Miracle Experiment?

“This year I am devoting my work to a “Miracle Experiment.” The experiment is open to all and there are many ways to participate: via my phone conferences, through reading my book, Holding a Butterfly, in person at short, 2-hour long Miracle Experiment events, and more intensively at my Miracle Experiment Weekends.

Miracles heal us and bring all our hearts’ desires to fruition, yet they’re not really about the outcome of “getting what we want.” Consequently, miracle-making transcends a lot of popular teachings on “the law of attraction.” Miracles are such a direct experience of God, they change us; they don’t merely produce an effect.

The Miracle Experiment explores the mysteries of consciousness, time, quantum science and God, through practical, personal, reality-bending experiments that join participants beyond the illusions of time and space, to see what we can create together. It’s an “experiment” because I don’t know where it will take us though, for many, I suspect life will never be quite the same.

Author, Lynn WoodlandCurious? Come join the experiment–anything can happen! (Read more of the Miracle Experiment in this excerpt from Holding a Butterfly: The Experiment Begins) If you’d like information about bringing the Miracle Experiment to your location, email me at lynnwoodland@comcast.net.”

Enter into a “Miracle Experiment” in Lynn Woodland’s new book Holding a Butterfly–An Experiment in Miracle-making. Consciousness, time, quantum science and God all woven together in an amazing, collaborative experiment that pushes the boundaries of human potential.

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Lynn Woodland is an award-winning author, international teacher and human potential expert who, since 1975, has worked in fields of transpersonal psychology, human motivation, spiritual healing and mind-body psychology. Her particular expertise is in what gives rise to miracles and in teaching ordinary people to live extraordinary lives so that miracles become, not just possible, but natural. Learn more at www.LynnWoodland.com.