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This Month’s Recommended Merlian News Articles:

Podcasts: Consciousness Merlian News Podcasts with Teresa Hale on Meditation Teresa Hale began teaching Meditation and Yoga over 30 years ago. Her exploration in this field led to the creation of The Hale Clinic in London – the world’s leading complementary health centre. In this podcast, Merryn Jose discusses meditation with Teresa Hale. They talk about why oneshould meditate, Soul Atma, Soul Emergence, how meditation can help us in our work, the connection between health and meditation, the role the mind and heart play and how Teresa teaches meditation.

Dreams Tarot Gate to Atlantis by Robert Moss ” Working the Tarot can bring us in contact with past masters of this system. On a fall evening, I had been discussing Tarot and did a personal reading in which the last two cards were the Hanged Man and the High Priestess…”


James Wong: Ethnobotanist “At the age of 27, Wong became the presenter of his own television series Grow Your Own Drugs. The six-part series was broadcast on BBC Two, beginning in March 2009. It was made by independent production company Silver River, and demonstrated a number of natural remedies sourced from plants. Wong also authored the book Grow Your Own Drugs: Easy Recipes for Natural Remedies and Beauty Treats, a tie-in with the television show…”

Books Extraordinary Love by Kaushal Aras “Extraordinary Love is the ability to love for the sake of love itself. This ability to radiate extraordinary love in our lives requires a paradigm shift in how we love that can fundamentally transform every relationship that we know… Unless, we are willing to shift the context or the paradigm that we operate in about love, any actions we undertake will lead to only a variation of the past. Take the case that most of us have been conditioned by society and environmental factors to operate in one or all the three models of love…”

Books When Prayers Aren’t Answered by John E. Welshons “In the depths of grief, some find solace in their faith, while others feel that God has deserted them. In this gentle and wise guide, a beloved spiritual teacher counsels that prayer works – but not always in the ways we expect. Welshons, who has worked closely with Ram Dass and Stephen Levine and trained with Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, confronts life’s most challenging experiences directly, acknowledging both the reality and inevitability of unexpected, unwanted change. “

D.V.D’s I Know What I Saw, Produced by FCZ Media LLC for History I Know What I Saw moves along at a good clip, spanning events around the globe and across the years since WWII. James Fox, the director and narrator, conducts many of the interviews and does a good job of getting witnesses and investigators to open up, as well as garnering details and supporting documentation. The cinematography is brisk, interspersing old photos and videos with the interviews and there are helpful animated reenactments. The real weight of the film however, comes from the mass of believable witnesses culled from around the world. Touchy subject or not, this is a film worth watching.”

Conscious Eating

‘C’ is for Coriander by Nazia Hussain Nazia takes a look at coriander by writing about its history and medicinal purposes while introducing a simple and healthy recipe….”Coriander can often be mistaken for parsley as the leaves are very similar being bright green and shiny in colour. It grows well in warm and dry light soil. If the seeds are sown in April/May they take about 3 months to grow before cutting down.”


Craig Junjulas


“Higher Self Discovery is both a higher form of Self Discovery and a down to earth way to discover more about your Higher Self by using the basic tools of personal growth, psychic development and spiritual enfoldment. This site is dedicated to the development of our higher human faculties. Through relaxation, imagination, meditation, opening the energy of the chakras and aura, and connecting to a higher source of love, wisdom and power – we all can tap our spirit’s true potential. The result is the gradual awakening of our intuitive faculties and healing abilities, increased tranquility, and a life that is more centered, compassionate and guided… Prior “belief” in psychic phenomenon is not required to develop these natural human talents. But an open mind and a willingness to experience the truth is necessary, as it is for any new learning. The mind (ego, critical faculty, small self, etc.) can avoid the truth by not accepting the data, and not investigating, studying or experimenting with the techniques. It can even act in a negative manner and block information. To be a healthy skeptic means not taking anything at face value, but being willing to look, to consider. Explore this information in your own way and the truth will be revealed to your mind in a manner that is perfect for you. Accepting yourself as you are in the moment, allowing yourself and others to be human, taking it a step at a time, and having fun are also important ingredients”. Craig Junjulas

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