Learning Qi Gong Online with Master Mingtong Gu

We cannot say enough good things about the online courses from Master Mingtong Gu and the staff at www.chicenter.com ! This is a phenomenal resource for learning Wisdom Healing Qi Gong>. We all know that there’s nothing like learning from a true master, taking the time to sit with him or her and soaking up the wisdom, skill or techniques t hat will help you advance physically or spiritually. Unfortunately, in this busy day and age it can be difficult to take the time off necessary to devote to learning, or worse, the teacher you need may live on the other side of the country.

Fortunately for us, technology has made it possible to have a meaningful learning experience every bit as immediate and excellent as being there in person. As it says on The Chi Center website, “Train when you want, where you want, and at your own pace. We know how challenging it can be to find local classes that fit into your busy schedule. Online Qigong classes means you can train when it fits for you, without having to drive anywhere or purchase any special equipment. All you need is Internet access, dedicated time, and a desire to learn or deepen a qigong practice.”

One such course is the “Sound Healing” Home Study Course from The Chi Center’s online learning program. It’s about the “Inner Alchemy of Emotional Transformation.” The idea is to “Deeply experience each sound, and embrace all sensations and feelings inside you, without judging as good or bad.” Doing this improves the health, and expands the capacity of the heart and one’s consciousness by honoring the physical, spiritual and emotional components of one’s being.

You can take this course for your own learning, or for Professional Training Credit. We at Merlian News are doing both options, and we love it! Master Mingtong Gu has such a warm presence that we feel like we are really attending a class — we immediately felt all tension disappear as we set our Chi field and, once attuned to it, we sensed the larger community of fellow practioners all doing qi gong. There is a very real feeling of power and learning being transmitted directly.

The online “Sound Healing” course is one of our favorites — we fell in love with the audio CDs and the “Five Organ Sound Healing Practice”some time ago, but this course goes even further. Filmed and recorded as an Advanced Workshop over a weekend, it features several parts such as, “Spinal Bone Marrow with Haola and Kai Hui,” “Sound Energetics,” a moving story of one person’s passage from life to death called “Lindy’s Transition,” and more. Each section includes a video, a written transcription and an audio portion. We found that the best way to learn was to do the video a few times to watch Mingtong Gu, and to download the audio so we could do it alone whenever we wanted to after that.

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