Life Changing Transits and the Outer Planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto by Regine Urbach

This is the first of three articles for Merlian News in which I would like to illustrate the incredible changes that are possible under the transits of the outer planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Although our natal chart is a static picture of the heavens at the moment of our birth, the planets do not remain stationary. The movement of the outer planets, as they affect our birth chart, will impact different areas of our lives and cause monumental changes in our consciousness.

To illustrate, I have chosen several case studies. Some are friends, and some are charts that I have read for people I do not know. But in each case, the personal experience of these powerful outer planets has changed the lives of those they touched.

In this article I will discuss the amazing transit of the planet NEPTUNE into the first house of the natal chart:

A friend of mine is a Scorpio. She’s the first born of ten children. All her life she had been in control. She was a surrogate mother. Her father called her “the little lawyer.” She grew up with much responsibility and was confident in her ability to handle almost any situation. For years she moved through life with this tough exterior, taking charge of her ten siblings, manipulating men, sure of herself, not afraid of any challenge, a tough and formidable opponent. Pluto and Mars were her ruling planets. With Mars square her Moon, a good fight was her path of least resistance. For years she looked down upon those who were insecure, sensitive, fawning, confused. Though she was curiously attracted to Neptunian types, she had an inner disdain for and fear of the spaciness and confusion that inevitably dominated the lives of these sensitive folk.

One day, at about age 45, the planet Neptune crossed over her natal ascendant and into the first house of her natal chart. Suddenly, she was plagued with vague feeling of discontent. She began misplacing things. Forgetting what she was supposed to do. Finding herself sensitive to the perfume of a co-worker. Feeling dizzy and unfocused. As a Scorpio, she tried immediately to gain control of the situation, ready to battle the oncoming, looming planet Neptune entering her immediate sphere. This, as she found out, was a completely futile attempt. Mars is useless, impotent against Neptune. Everything that had worked for her before was not working now. Where before she could take on any man, she became timid and unsure of herself in relationship. She began feeling guilty about the way she had treated all those sensitive souls who had passed through her life previously. Now she was forever changed.

Let us not forget that the first house in the natal chart is archetypically the house of Aries, ruled by the planet Mars. We look to the first house for the birth of individuality. The planet Neptune is not really at home in the first house. Neptune, by its nature, is universal oneness, and individuality is lost to universal oneness. The personality dissolves into the collective unconscious. The forward motion of Mars dissolves into the mist of Neptune.

As she began to live with this new experience in her life, she began to appreciate some of the changes. Her hair turned softer, lighter, on its own. She found herself being compassionate and understanding where she hadn’t been before. She took on a new appreciation of those whose sensitive ways she had been so impatient with. She began accepting not being sure about everything. After several years of this transit, she became a different person. The sting of the Scorpio was tempered with the gentleness of Neptune. She learned to make decisions in a different way. She learned to go forward, not with the aggressiveness of Mars but with the receptivity of Neptune. This life changing experience, believe me, was difficult for this “little lawyer” and surrogate mother of ten siblings, but the subtle changes in perception and the spiritual awakening and blessings it brings are more than worth the confusion and seeming loss of power and control that comes with it.

In my next article I will discuss the transits of PLUTO to the natal Sun.

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by Regine Urbach
Regine is a keen astrologer, who has been practicing astrology for 20 years. She is also a wonderful vegetarian cook and has a passion for music and Latin dance.