Medicine Woman: A Documentary On Healing with Dr. Daniele Behn-Smith

On July 5th, 2007 a new and different kind of doctor will be introduced. A real life doctor by the name of Dr. Daniele Behn-Smith will challenge our core beliefs about traditional medicine and the very meaning of healing itself.

A 27 year Canadian of First Nations heritage, Dr. Behn-Smith is working to complement her Western medical education with hundreds of ancient natural traditions learned during a year of global explorations.

Dr. Daniele’s quest to discover and utilize these centuries’ old traditions is the subject of Medicine Woman, a 13-episode documentary series will air on Voom’s Equator HD (carried in the US on DISH satellite.)

Dr. Behn-Smith’s adventure of discovery takes her to Ireland, Wales, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Guatemala, Arizona then home to her native Manitoba. Each episode shares her searches for native healers as she utilizes with patients the many medicines growing in the environment around them, along with long practiced tradtions of spiritual healing.

The ancient Celtic traditions, the 600 year old manual of the South Wales’ Physicians of Myddfai, the root and “trance dance” therapies of Kalihari’s San Bushmen, the healing plants of Sri Lanka’s Veddha Dende culture — all these and more are vividly and profoundly explored with the few remaining experts who have been passed down this knowledge over generations.

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Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona is on episode 13!

Coyote Wisdom: The Power of Story in Healing by Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona

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I was born in Fort Nelson, British Columbia. My father is a Dene man and a residential school survivor. My mother is a French Canadian woman and Metis descent.I’m a 27 year old Aboriginal woman just starting my career as a rural family physician.My interest in medicine was in helping people and easing suffering. I focused my training on exploring the parallels that exist between colonised people around the world and the effects of colonisation on health.Now I’m a practicing family physician, as I look back on my training it seems that something was missing. I’ve been taught how to diagnose and treat medical illness. I know all of the medications to prescribe and the lifestyle changes to recommend.This is my search for natural healing substances and the wisdom of the healers, the medicine men and women, the indigenous elders who keep these secrets.- Dr. Behn