Becoming a Self-Master in Your Own Life By Stephen Thomson

For many years I have been fortunate in teaching the “practice” of the spiritual path, often referred to as the “Mystics Way.” It is not exclusively an intellectual approach, though studying the teachings of the great Masters is a necessary part of the path for Western minds. Rather, the larger part of my work involves personal experimentation and integration of the principles and operations that make up the laws of Universe. In other words, my students and I are interested in becoming spiritual magicians, the Master in our own lives. This is the hard work of the spiritual way. The part most often abandoned in our age in favor of lighter, faster and seemingly easier attempts at advancement, on topics that can only be achieved over time.

Through years of experimentation and practice, I have come to know the spiritual path and the ways of advancement, and what we seek as individuals, are in essence the same. We all want to live our spiritual path from a place of first-hand experience, rather than from what someone else is saying or doing. We want to find and unleash our own unrivaled potential, or in other words to become Masters. Not of everything, but certainly master of the things we know and believe and apply it in our lives.

The only way to achieve this goal is by setting time aside each day for meditation, contemplation, reading or other spiritual practices. By doing this we disengage from the noise making of everyday life. This special time during each day is opportunity for us to align our vibrations with the purity of the universal forces. In this way, we begin to come into harmony with all there is. That’s one big step on the path to getting our energy in place and on the path to self-mastery. The corresponding mental and emotional benefit from this effort is a feeling of peace, harmony and a sense that we can handle whatever the day presents.

My ongoing effort is to present articles with topics for you to think about, meditate and journal on. Below you will find a series of mantras we use during the course of my retreat weekends. These key phrases are employed to deepen our understanding of self, as well as understanding how these issues affect our spiritual journey. As we work to neutralize these preoccupations, more “mental” space is opened to engage our creative life force within, in determining our path. In return, we experience a deeper connection and commitment with the Divine.

In the next few days, or weeks, take a mini-retreat. Plan to spend some time with the mantras below in your journal or meditation periods. You will get a new understanding of how you are spending your time. The second gift is seeing the impact these statements have on your spiritual journey.

Here are some steps to follow that will guarantee results from this exercise:

Light a candle, fire up some incense, shut off the telephone, Close your eyes, take a few cleansing breaths and center yourself in the present. Call on your guides, angels, saints, sages or Masters to support your work. Engage your higher-self in this process. With each mantra, ask yourself:

-how much time do I spend thinking about the subject of the mantra?

-how does this issue affect my material life?

-how does it affect my spiritual path?

Everything is in Divine Order

To believe there is some intelligent force behind the reality of being, calls into account the discord and disharmony we see. If we can begin to move toward a more impersonal life, one free of the emotional need to make sense of things or to create order, an expanded view of our world comes in its place. With this level of consciousness we can begin to experience peace and harmony in our lives.

The only person I can be responsible for is me.

The only person I can be responsible for is me. That means, to love or be loved I have to be willing to allow others to experience and express the full range of who they are.

I am enough and I have enough.

Living in this incredible age of materialism that we do, it is often difficult to find joy in the simple things of life. The more we simplify the demands of our daily life, the more energy we can put into experiencing our spiritual path. We are enough and we have more than enough.

I can only live today.

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not here. If I do what is best for me today, tomorrow will be as I co-create with the Divine. If we are absorbed reliving our life story, how can we expect to hear the voice of Divine wisdom and guidance available in the now?

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