Metaphysics in Manhattan

***image1***There is an undiscovered gem at 312 West 11th Street in the Village. This townhouse is a venue for a number of events which are produced by students of the spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen. Andrew Cohen has established points of presence around the world and his organization publishes the magazine “What Is Enlightenment”. General information about the resources offered by this organization is at

Now, in terms of what is happening in New York, there is much to tell. First of all, the people who run the events are warm, wonderful and unfailingly accommodating, and they have a lot to accommodate. There is a speaker series “Voices From the Edge” in which attendees get a chance to listen and visit with world-class thinkers.

***image2***This event takes place in an intimate theater, housed in the basement, which lets out onto a lovely garden. Afterwards, guests mingle with presenters in the salon of the townhouse on the main floor. In this way, the clued-in-few have had a chance to hear Howard Bloom and will be hearing Yasuhiko Kimura, Juanita Brown and Jim Garrison to name a few. Go to to get on the email list.

There is a discussion group “Enlightened Communication” wherein members explore the nature of consciousness. In this forum, the process of communication itself is the object of focus while members exchange views on the subject at hand. While this sounds mysterious, it is actually brought about by simple suggestions that produce powerful and deep exchanges.

These folks also host a meditation evening and provide a place for the NYC Ken Wilber Salon to meet, so get on the list.

For those who would like to find out more about the Ken Wilber Salon, register at

Tim Shea is a facilitator for an Eckhart Tolle group in New York City. He arranges group sessions and has access to much of Tolle’s works and materials to be shared with those interested. Tim Shea can be reached at For further information on Eckhart Tolle and his work, please visit

by Tim Shea
Tim Shea’s first interests were in acting and singing and for many years he pursued his career in Boston, New York and Los Angles. He then transitioned into the corporate world and, for the past decade, sold information technology services and products to the business world. His journey of discovery is now taking him on the path of identifying work that more fully reflects his true nature and bringing it into form.