Monthly Channeled Essay by Asandra: The Path of Awakening

***image1***The search for meaning in life has always been an essential quest. Many people in this day and age struggle to make sense of their existence through fervent and dogmatic religious belief systems. These beliefs have a fixed structure that the individual must function within. Others base their reality on external fixations such as career movement, family building, acquisitions, and lists of accomplishments.

The problem is that they never actually arrive at a place that the Eastern Mystics would call Nirvana (heaven) because you cannot reach a spiritual pinnacle in linear-based reality. Pinnacles can only be experienced through spiritual awakening. The doorway to higher awakening occurs when the individual releases their grasp on limited, linear perceptions of reality.

Now, truth be told, those linear perceptions of reality are false. Most people believe that third dimensional frequency is an absolute, unchanging fact. The truth is that third dimensional reality only exists because people invest their belief in it. The greatest wisdom will always remain intact: that an expansive and infinite reality is the core structure for all created experience.

There is a radical shifting of consciousness taking place at this time. You may ask, hasn’t the opportunity for this radical shift always existed if linear time is false? Well, yes it has, but there is something essential that is coming about at this moment in your history that is significant.

***image4***As humans barrel down the road of ignorance, the only place they can ultimately arrive at is a destructive one. No one has to point out the myriad forms of self-destruction that occur within the world reality. Although this is the classic example of civilization coming to an end, it is overshadowed by something even larger. And that larger thing is an Age coming to an end. So of course, when one thing ends, another begins. Therefore, the true significance of this moment in time is the beginning of an Age.

We are not here to address the end of an Age for it simply does what it is intended to do and that is to fall into decline. It is the awakening of consciousness that we are here to discuss which is the foundation of what many have called the Golden Age.

The Golden Age represents an opportunity unlike any worldly opportunity you could ever imagine for it is the doorway to eternal life. That is not just a flowery term, but a reality. To walk through the doorway of eternal life is to blend and merge with your true and higher self. From that higher self you then merge with your Creator and creation itself.

The joy of existence can be only that which encompasses the realm of the ascension path. Now I know these words are lofty, but do not be intimidated by the language I use. Because what I speak of is available to all who are ready to embrace it no matter how imperfect or fallible you may think you are. The golden opportunity is to rise up and awaken. There is no accomplishment rightfully to be had that is limited by third dimensional, linear time.

***image3***Everyone exits this life the same way. The cause of death of course will be different, but you all must leave your bodies at some time. That is what is referred to as death. It doesn’t matter how much you achieve or acquire; you still have to make the same exit taking nothing with you. What I am speaking about is a state of consciousness that transcends ordinary death. It is the entrance to the doorway of supreme consciousness.

Supreme consciousness occurs when one begins to tap into Universal Mind. You begin to live at that heightened level of awareness. Those that are struggling to make this shift must become aware that conflict occurs only when you are not releasing the old paradigm. That is what many referred to as the paradigm shift.

Ancient survival instincts housed within the collective human memory create fear-based attachments to the old self. It is ironic that you would struggle to let go of what actually holds you back.

Logically you would think that you would readily let go of the suffering, but the basis of struggle for most souls on the spiritually awakened path is their attachment to a fear-based reality.

Even though, ironically, they really want to let it go and it is their focused aim. That is an important point because it really is what your soul’s aspiration is. If you direct your consciousness in a highly focused and disciplined manner onto an awakened path, you will eventually arrive at that level of consciousness.

***image2***Consciousness at a heightened level of mastery is available. The key is not to struggle. I realize how simplistic that sounds, but if you could approach it as a spiritual practice: “I choose to not struggle,” then you would be focusing in the direction of highest consciousness. It is understandable that you may look at your life and see endless distractions. But those distractions begin to diminish once you decide what you really want.

A human lifetime is a unique opportunity that only exists within a certain dimension. If you are reading these words because your soul is hungry for inspiration, then there is something in you that has heard the call and knows that it is time to rise up. A doorway is open before you and it is the greatest opportunity you would ever have come your way.

There is no accomplishment or acquisition that could be greater than the opportunity to ascend. For this ascension is into the awakened consciousness of your true and higher self. Souls that are awakening can live free of lesser realities and reside joyfully in this higher consciousness.

Sometimes people get caught up in the externalization of their spiritual expression. They begin to identify with the tool or vehicle that they use to awaken. This is just another layer of false reality. There will always be a myriad of tools, resources, and opportunities that will come before you to assist you in your awakening. But the awakening itself is the only thing that is truly important. Even the spiritual accouterments can be a delusion. To shift your consciousness is not as difficult to as it seems. For it all comes down to a choice and that choice is before you constantly.

A chanelled essay by Asandra. Copyright 2004. All rights reserved.

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